Isn’t it super annoying when the mouse doesn’t respond correctly to your liking? It single-handedly ruins your gaming experience.

Now, what if we told you that just like your keyboard and touchpad, the mouse’s sensitivity could be adjusted?

It’s true! You can easily and effortlessly make some quick changes and get the best outcome from your mouse!

Just some quick modifications in your mouse DPI make your mouse super-efficient and set according to your likings.

But first of all, What is Mouse DPI?

​Dots per inch is abbreviated to DPI. That is the calculation of mouse sensitivity, which enables the user to shift the cursor forward by doing the slightest moves of their mouse. Gaming mice usually have a higher DPI, while other mice have a DPI capacity of about 1600.

In this article, we will tell you how to change your mouse dpi and what Mouse DPI is best for you.

Let’s just dig in now just like a mouse-

Why Change the DPI On Mouse?

For pushing the cursor slower or faster than normal, a change in Mouse DPI is needed. Many game mice have extra buttons that can be used to change sensitivity without having to go to the Control Panel.

These DPI numbers will most likely appear in the product specs tab when you purchase a mouse online.

When purchasing a gaming mouse, remember that the higher the DPI level, the more responsive the mouse would be.

What is CPI in a mouse?

In the case of the mouse, CPI stands for Count Per Inch, which is the same as DPI and refers to the sensitivity of the mouse.

Steel series goods have those names for improved publicity. many might believe that the DPI adjustment function is only useful for gamers.

This, though, is not the case. DPI is necessary for everyone.

Many graphic designers, architects, and other device users would benefit greatly from adjusting their mouse sensitivity.

Now let’s see some advantages of Higher mouse DPI-

You can drive the cursor further with a higher mouse DPI than you can with a regular mouse movement. You’ll need to raise the DPI on your mouse if you’re playing a shooting game and need to adjust the shooting pointer fast.

Lower mouse DPI, on the other hand, means that when you click the mouse normally, your cursor will move less. This function is helpful for people who use their mouse to perform precise functions, such as using it in photoshop or sniping in FPS games.

You don’t realize what you’re lacking before you try something new. So, let’s see how you can quickly adjust the sensitivity of your mouse.

How To Change Mouse DPI

You can adjust the DPI on your mouse by clicking the DPI on-the-fly button or the DPI button if you have a gaming mouse. You’ll have to adjust it from the Windows settings otherwise.

The following are the strategies for changing the mouse’s dpi:

If your mouse has a DPI on-the-fly button/switch, you can adjust the DPI of your mouse with that button. The updated DPI setting will be instantly displayed on the mouse LCD.

To use the dpi changer button, follow these steps:

  1. Find the on-the-fly DPI button on your mouse, which is usually near the scroll wheel on the top of the mouse body.
  2. Download and install the mouse function application. This application allows you to customize your DPI settings to meet your specific needs.
  3. On a mouse with a single DPI key, press the button to adjust the DPI. The cursor will run through the DPI settings when the button is pressed.

Change mouse DPI(two buttons)

If your mouse has two DPI keys, one is for increasing the DPI and the other is for reducing it, which we find is more useful than scrolling through the options.

This is a very simple and useful system.

Some mice also have an alert pop-up option that tells you what your game mouse’s current DPI is.

But what to do if you don’t have that button on your mouse?

If you don’t have that DPI button then you can -Adjust Mouse Sensitivity from Windows Settings

The mouse DPI can also be adjusted in the Control Panel’s mouse settings. This process is included for a mouse that does not have a DPI change button.

  • Choose View by Small Icons or View by Large Icons from the Control Panel.
  • To open Mouse Properties, click the Mouse tab.
  • Navigate to the Pointer Options tab.
  • From the motion box, drag the slide to find a pointer speed that is appropriate for your mouse.
  • Make sure the box next to Enhance pointer accuracy is unchecked.
  • To see if the DPI is right for you, move the pointer speed bar and press add.
  • If you’ve found the pointer’s pace you want, press OK to save your changes.


How to change mouse dpi manually from settings-

Here is a quick tip, now that we are on the topic: If you’re in the settings tab right now, you’ll see a button to conceal the pointer when typing.

You can use it to eliminate distractions from your daily tasks.

What DPI Should I Use For Gaming?

This is the question all you gamers were waiting for! Soto simply put it, if you’re a gamer, you’ll want a mouse with a higher DPI. 6000 DPI can suffice for the majority of users. However, whether a gamer likes more DPI or not is entirely up to them. As a result, manufacturers retain the luxury of offering high-end gaming mice with a DPI of over 10,000. Which is pretty much nothing but amazing!

Moreover, the option to adjust the DPI is clearly advantageous.

Also, the lower the DPI, a mouse can adjust isn’t something you’ll have to worry about.

The lowest DPI size available on most game mice is 200 dots per inch.

Steps To Enable Mouse Acceleration In Windows 10

It’s easier to use mouse acceleration than it is to disable it. To allow mouse acceleration on your Windows PC, follow these steps:

  • Use Cortana’s search bar to look for a mouse. Select Additional mouse options from the menu.
  • Go to the Pointer Options tab
  • Select Enhance pointer precision from the Pointer Options tab, then press Apply and OK.

That’s what there is to it. Your computer’s mouse acceleration has been activated.

How to improve mouse performance

Not only gamers but professional workers and other advanced skilled technicians need a great mouse for their routine tasks.

If somehow your mouse is not working as expected. You can easily improve your mouse performance with some quick minor changes.

Here’s how:

  1. For gamers who want to increase their mouse accuracy to improve their shooting abilities, change the mouse sensitivity settings this way-

Adjust the X-axis sensitivity and Y-axis sensitivity of the mouse in the in-game settings.

The settings will differ from one game to another.

  1. Install the new mouse drivers

The output of your mouse can be harmed by an old or compromised mouse engine. As a result, it is preferable to keep all system drivers fresh.

Download the new update of the driver from your manufacturer’s website on your computer. To save your updates, restart your screen.

How to Improve Your Aim in Shooting Games

How does a gamer use mouse acceleration without encountering issues while playing?

If you have a gaming mouse, you will have a DPI or CPI button that allows you to change the speed of the cursor movement. As a result, you won’t need to use mouse acceleration; instead, a dpi-adjustable gaming mouse would allow you to manipulate the mouse’s speed.

So, you will be able to move the mouse with precision and without difficulty. You’ll be able to control the speed of the cursor while still having precise goals for disabling mouse acceleration.


Change is necessary sometimes but if you’re used to using your mouse with low sensitivity, altering your mouse sensitivity will only confuse you.

First of all, you need to Figure out what type of mouse you need and set your preferences likewise. It depends solely upon what you do; as discussed earlier, gamers need enhanced acceleration whereas professionals need less of it.

Also, if you don’t want to change the mouse sensitivity because you are just used to it then you can check if your Mouse driver is up to date and enhance your mouse performance.

Just select the mouse sensitivity and acceleration that you are comfortable with! It’s also a great option for gamers to lay their hands on a gaming mouse.

So that was all about mouse and DPI. Do let us know if you found this helpful. Your comments, feedback, as well as suggestions are highly appreciated.