No, you are not old, and yes back pain is something most people face, especially gamers when they game for hours without an end.

Back pain is becoming common these days and there’s only one cure: good posture. (And a huge ton of yoga asanas but we are assuming you’d not want to do all that)

The majority of gamers spend hours on end playing video games on their computers. They are pleased at first and have no grievances, but further on, they have an ache in their lower back.

As we all know, sitting in an awkward pose for long durations may lead to bad posture and lower back discomfort. Your spine may be damaged, resulting in inflammation throughout your body.

Fortunately, there are gaming seats for lower back problems that are both comfy and supportive. Many ergonomic elements are included in these gaming seats for back support, ensuring that the user is comfortable while playing computer games.

Lumbar support, adjustable armrest, adjustable headrest cushion, swivel function, adjustable seat position, and other features are all available in a gaming chair for lower back discomfort.

Many individuals have said that these gaming seats have helped them with lower back discomfort.

For lower back discomfort, we suggest the Nokaxus Gaming Chair, Dowinx Gaming Chair, and KILLABEE Gaming Chair.

In regards to convenience and lumbar support, they are the best. They stand out from the crowd of gaming chairs on the market in terms of quality and functionality.

The best gaming chairs for lower back pain are listed below. They may help you get rid of back discomfort and keep you relaxed for a long time.

Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs For Back Pain

If you are above 1.80m tall and/or weigh more than 50kg, you know how difficult it is to locate a chair that is comfortable for you.

Ultra-premium chairs that cost $500 or more do a better job of greeting us Sasquatches, but finding a decent chair for less requires a lot of effort. Don’t worry; the extra-large Nokaxus gaming chair is available for less than $200.

The robust steel frame of the Nokaxus Extra-Large gaming chair comfortably supports up to 350 pounds. It can also be adjusted to sit higher than most other chairs, which explains why tall individuals having longer legs love this chair.

With numerous customizable settings, Nokaxus is the best big gaming chair for lower back discomfort.

The fact that “bucket” racing chairs are too narrow is one of the most frequent complaints. The Nokaxus chair’s extra-wide back, seat, and armrests all assist to relieve the “pinched ass and back” condition that large players are all too familiar with.

A retractable footrest that stretches far enough to be helpful for gamers up to six feet and a massaging lumbar cushion like the one on the KILLABEE are two additional delightful things to have.

The same may be said about the massage intensity, but take into account the chair’s price and what you receive out of it in general. It’s difficult to be upset about a free mini massage. 

The massage pillow, on the other hand, does not contain batteries; it must be connected to an outlet directly, so be cautious to not roll over or tumble over the cable.

While the Nokaxus Extra Large Gaming Chair is an excellent product in general, it is not without flaws. If you’re average or short, it may simply be too large to be comfortable, but that’s a problem you can easily address by buying one of the hundreds of other seats which are sized for your fit.

Its most serious flaw is that, although the chassis and gas lift are excellent heavy-duty components, some of the other components are manufactured cheaply. The wheelbase, in fact, is constructed of a lightweight, thin plastic that appears out of place on a chair that is advertised as “extra-wide.”

However, it comes with a hefty two-year guarantee, so you can be confident you’re giving this chair an equal opportunity. Lastly, we believe that this is the greatest big gaming chair with lumbar and headrest support for lower back problems.

A good warranty may tip the scales in favor of one product over another when purchasing a chair that costs hundreds of dollars.

Some individuals prefer a more cushioned chair for working or relaxing in comfort, while others favor a firmer chair.

This latter group will be more interested in the AutoFull Gaming Chair. There is no cushioning on the hard mesh backrest in particular.

It’s not like you’re seated on a stone but the chair is supportive. It’s well-contoured to give support where it’s needed while avoiding excessive strain on the hips and thighs.

The mesh back also helps to keep you cool. When the temperature rises, the seat itself may get sweaty, but the sides should remain cool. The seat’s PU leather is simple to clean. Wipe it down with a wet towel now and then and you are good to go.

The guarantee of AutoFull is its real claim to fame. The manufacturer provides a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, a two-year components warranty, and a lifetime frame warranty. Few chairs, particularly at this price range, provide finer conditions straight out of the box.

A gaming chair, on the other hand, has a limited number of components; if you spread everything out to do some graphic planning before starting to put them all together, you ought to be capable of figuring it out.

Some customers have complained that the mechanism that secures the back of the chair while it is reclined isn’t as firm as it should be, causing occasional slipping when reclining backward.

Leaning back and suddenly thinking you’re falling may be stressful, and for some people, this can be a deal-breaker.

Finally, if you have a problematic back, the AutoFull chair is the best gaming chair for you. This gaming chair is ideal for average-sized users; however, if you are taller or must type while sitting up straight, the chair could be too small for you.

OFM’s ergonomic gaming chair, the High Back Gaming Chair, is the most affordable option. It’s a bit less cushioned than the last chair, but otherwise, it’s similar.

The fact that it is 75 percent as comfy as the similar OFM model, yet just a little over half the price, is the primary reason for its superior comfort.

In warmer weather, the seat cushion isn’t as thick, and the armrests sweat a little more, but it’s still a great chair. One of the reasons this chair is so comfy is that it has a normal flat seat rather than the awful 45-degree wings seen on so many racing seats.

Even for individuals of average height, the footstool is too little to be useful. Finally, the 90-day guarantee is extensive, as the manufacturer will repair or replace any component within that period for any issue. 

Small, thin players who aren’t tall enough to feel comfortable on this chair may like it. OFM is a high-quality, cheap gaming chair for back discomfort on the market.

The E-WIN gaming chair is built to last, with sturdy construction and mechanical dependability.

The gas spring is the hydraulic component of a gaming or office chair that elevates or drops the seat and supports the majority of the user’s weight.

As you would expect, it’s critical that the gas spring doesn’t fail or burst. They are ranked from one to four, with four being the safest.

Most gaming chairs have Class 2 or Class 3 gas struts, and that’s ok, but the E-WIN gaming chair goes above and beyond when it comes to the most crucial component. Making it the finest it can be.

This chair provides a sturdy, supportive, and pleasant user experience. It can easily move and tilt, and it has a broad variety of adjustment options.

When tilted too far, many office chairs become too heavy at the top, but the E-WIN chair is hefty at the bottom, to begin with, so it can withstand extreme angles very well.

In a long-hour gaming session, this is the most ergonomic gaming chair for back discomfort. It relaxes your body, supports your back, and makes you feel comfortable.

It’s a little thicker than a typical steel frame. It also has a flatter, taller, and broader lumbar cushion than typical gaming chairs, which is expected to make it more comfortable.

It’s simple to sit in this chair for more than four hours without getting up or stretching.

It’s just a great cost-cutting strategy with excellent quality, and the chair’s overwhelmingly favorable reviews support this notion.

Lower back discomfort sufferers may like the adjustable X rocker gaming chair. The backrest is sturdy and comfy, and it can support the user’s back.

Most gaming chairs come with two or three speakers, and they’re usually quite basic. The X Rocker Pro H3 has five speakers that provide considerably stronger sound than other chairs in this price range.

Two speakers are located near the control panels at the base of the chair, while two more are located in the headrest. The fifth speaker is a vibrating subwoofer that is placed in the chair’s chair core.

The sound quality is satisfactory. If you crank up the level, it distorts a little, but not too badly.

In any case, you’ll receive good sound quality. The subwoofer excels at bass, even outperforming some speakers that charge double that much.

While the sound quality of the speakers is excellent, several Pro H3 users have reported severe wiring problems.

Loose, disconnected, or inverted wiring, as well as speakers breaking after a few months for no apparent reason, are the most frequent complaints.

If you’re worried about potential electrical problems, you may choose a longer third-party guarantee instead of X Rocker’s 90-day warranty.

The chair is well-constructed. It can support up to 275 pounds, however, the armrests are cheap and won’t sustain a lot of force.

The seams on this X Rocker, like those on other X Rockers, are excessively broad and shallow, reducing the chair’s lifespan.

If you’re searching for a low-cost gaming chair for lower back discomfort, the Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Office Chair is a decent option. It’s pretty basic, as you’d think, but it’s interesting to check out if all you need now is a relatively comfy spot to sit in.

For around $ 80, you can get a game or a desk chair, but you probably won’t want it. Any chair with such low production (and shipping) cost is by virtual definition: a trash item.

OFM’s “Essentials” product line is renowned for providing simple but adequate functionality at a cheap price, and their newest gaming chair seems to be continuing in that tradition.

You won’t be able to sit on this chair for more than a few minutes. It’s pleasant, but not overly so. In some ways, this is a positive thing, because you should stretch often anyhow.

Even so, since the seat cushion is so tiny, you can sit on a sheet or two if you need more cushioning.

The warranty for OFM’s “Essentials” range of products is unexpectedly long. For one year, the chair is guaranteed against faults and premature failure.

The armrests may also be completely folded up, resulting in a chair with no armrests. For some individuals, this may not be an issue, but for others, the armrests may become a barrier. It’s convenient to be able to shift things around without entirely removing them.

However, since the armrests are connected to the chair by a sole hinge, they cannot be moved in any other way.

The chair is a little noisy; it screeches a lot when you move it. It wouldn’t hurt to use some graphite powder or silicone-based lubricant.

The cushioning is also inadequate. The cloth is thick and scratchy, which isn’t an issue if you wear long trousers and sleeves, but it may hurt your skin over time if you are uncovered.

Ultimately, the Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair isn’t fancy, but if you can’t spend more than $150 on a gaming chair, this is the best inexpensive gaming chair with numerous customizable options.

Although the KILLABEE memory foam gaming chair did not make our list of the best gaming chairs under $200, it is a good dual-purpose gaming and work chair. For individuals with mild back discomfort, this may be the ideal entrance ticket.

Whatever amount of money you intend to spend on your new gaming chair, you’ll want it to endure a long time. The KILLABEE massage chair is considerably more structurally sound than most other chairs in this price category.

The chair’s foundation is magnificent and sturdy, and the pieces are well-fitting. The PU leather cover is well-made and simple to maintain. Most spills may be cleaned with a cloth and hot water.

It features a retractable footrest, which is very rare to find on gaming chairs. Sadly, it is too short to be helpful for extremely tall individuals, but it will be excellent for medium and small users. It is very durable and folds up quickly when not being used.

If the pillow bothers you, you may remove it, but you won’t be able to benefit from the chair’s primary selling feature since it just includes massage motors.

For starters, the truth that the chair merely vibrates in one location seems to be a problematic design decision.

Neither the motors nor the massagers work very hard. The KILLABEE is still a good budget-friendly massager if your back discomfort is mild and irregular, or if you have back pain and feel like you require a vibrating chair. It is the finest gaming chair for those who suffer from lower back discomfort.

It relieves back pain and improves the alignment of your spine. But you may search for something with more powerful massage capabilities instead.

The Dowinx Ergonomic Gaming Chair takes pride in being comfy and supportive without being overbearing.

The Dowinx Ergonomic Gaming Chair isn’t one of Steelcase’s best-known products, but it’s well-made. This chair has a lot of cushioning and is supported by a strong structure that can hold up to 350 pounds, as per the maker.

The majority of its favorable reviews highlight how comfortable it is, even while sitting for 4-8 hours at a time.

It would be great if comfort and excellent posture always went hand in hand, but they don’t. 

The Dowinx Ergonomic Gaming Chair not only lives up to its name, but it’s also very comfy. The detachable lumbar cushion isn’t as distracting as other similar models, and the chair remains solid and posture-friendly even without it.

This chair’s guarantee is a source of worry. Almost all other gaming chairs on Amazon have their warranty conditions prominently displayed, but the Dowinx chair merely mentions “one month of replacement service” and “one-year components quality warranty as a promise” which to be honest is a little disappointing.

In a nutshell, Dowinx is the best gaming chair with lumbar support for those who suffer from back discomfort. It straightens your spine and improves your body position.

It may be tough to locate an inexpensive gaming chair that isn’t utter garbage if you need to push every penny to the limit. Although the TOPSKY gaming office chair isn’t the cheapest, it is a significant upgrade in performance over many other chairs in its category.

Buying gaming chairs on a budget of less than $200 may be difficult — many low-cost chairs are poorly constructed and wind up costing a lot of money.

TOPSKY is a newcomer to the gaming chair market, and it seems to be aimed at budget-conscious gamers who want a decent degree of quality from their next chair.

TOPSKY decided to solve one of the most frequent gaming chair concerns that other manufacturers don’t seem to understand. The uncomfortable strain on the legs that small, slightly inclined bucket chairs impose.

Even though there are still (quite unnecessary) angled protrusions on the sides of the seat in this chair, they are considerably milder than others, and the seat may nearly be described as flat. 

As a result, most individuals should be able to sit for many hours without experiencing the excruciating pain in their buttocks and thighs that so many other chairs may inflict.

As a result, most individuals should be able to sit for many hours without experiencing the excruciating pain in their buttocks and thighs that so many other chairs may inflict.

If there is a significant fault with the TOPSKY wheelchair, it is that it is intended for individuals of little and medium height. It is even “recommended for individuals under 6 feet tall and weighing less than 225 pounds,” according to the product website.

Because TOPSKY is a newcomer to the gaming chair industry, it does not yet have a stellar reputation (good or bad). However, their Gaming Office Chair has gotten a lot of positive feedback on Amazon so far, and it comes with a one-year warranty. So, if you’re searching for a durable chair that won’t break the bank, give it a go.

Gaming chairs, office chairs, and chairs that can do both to some degree are all available. The Office Star ProGrid is a tough all-rounder that’s also a lot less expensive.

It earns your consideration if you’re searching for the greatest combination of price, quality, and flexibility.

It’s one of the most comfortable, well-supported, and well-built gaming seats available. Most chairs at this budget range have to sacrifice one or two features to save money, but the ProGrid is surprisingly excellent as a handyman.

Even after extended usage, it is a reliable A-chair in terms of comfort. Many owners claim to be able to sit for more than four hours without getting uncomfortable (even if you have to get up to stretch every hour or two). It also has a lot more adjustment options than a typical chair.

The seat glides forward and backward in addition to moving up and down. This feature is uncommon in chairs under $300, yet it is critical to improving your postural stability.

Taller-than-average players will be especially delighted since their legs are typically too long to sit comfortably on most seats.

While most of the seats may be customized to your liking, the armrests are a little small. They do not rotate, have limited height adjustment options, and are constructed of a low-cost foam rubber material that is breathable even at very moderate temperatures.

The seat isn’t great though; extremely thin players may find it very hard to sit on. An additional blanket or towel draped over the seat may come in handy in a crisis, but most people won’t need it.

Buying Guide to Choose your Gaming Chair for Lower Back Pain

When buying a gaming chair for back discomfort, there are a lot of things to think about. What should you do (and what should you avoid)? Is it more essential for you to prioritize function above aesthetics, or conversely?

Overall long-term sustainability

How long do you think your new gaming chair should last, and how much damage will it take? Do you have any dogs or children that aren’t so gentle with your furniture?

Is it constructed of inexpensive plywood and plastic, or is it supported by a steel frame and more resilient plastics?

The majority of the chairs at the top of the list are low- or mid-priced, and there’s no getting past one basic truth for the most part. If all other factors are equal, a less expensive chair will be less sturdy.

The simplest and most apparent way to extend the life of your gaming chair is to utilize it carefully. Clean it every few weeks, take care not to drop it, and inspect it regularly to ensure the screws are snug and all moving components are in position.

Many Amazon manufacturers and sellers are happy to send you new parts at wholesale rates in the case of a breakdown or failure (particularly if you’ve previously given them a favorable review).

Nothing in a gaming chair is mechanically difficult, even if you aren’t very skilled, and there are YouTube tutorials for everything. With a little patience, you can easily repair a gas lift or a damaged armrest on your own.

Third-party warranties and service plans are also available, which may save your life if you are uncertain about a purchase. These are typically extremely cheap for non-electronic goods.

3 and 5-year plans are often available for 5-10% of the item’s original price.

Paying a little extra now to know your new chair is insured for a long may help you feel better, particularly if you choose a chair that is more susceptible to malfunction (a chair with built-in speakers, for example).

Ergonomics and comfort

It would be great if you could just believe that a comfortable chair is also an ergonomic chair.

Investing in ergonomics now will save you a lot of pain in the future. Sitting in a healthy posture may seem unpleasant or strange at first if you’ve been sitting incorrectly for decades.

Your body will adjust in a brief period, and proper posture will help you feel better.

Of course, ergonomics are context-dependent. When you’re typing, the best seating posture isn’t the same as when you’re watching TV and playing a console game. Chairs that claim to be ideal for work/typing and console gaming should be avoided.

It’s not unlikely that a single chair can accommodate both activities, but many of those claiming to do so are PC chairs that aren’t intended to be parked in front of the TV for extended periods.

For one thing, console gamers have a tendency to lean forward or backward when they aren’t paying attention to their postures.

Because leaning forward is bad for the spine, gaming chairs intended for console gamers are typically excellent loungers. 

Computer chairs are designed to enable you to sit either upright or slightly inclined. Sitting in a chair with a joystick frequently causes you to lean forward and/or hunch your shoulders unconsciously.

Make sure you choose a seat that is particularly built for the activity you plan to do while seated on it.


PU or PVC leather is used to cover several of our beloved gaming chairs. Both are impervious to rips and tears and simple to clean, but in warmer conditions, they may become uncomfortable.

The materials that your perfect chair should be composed of are heavily influenced by your surroundings.

Fabric chairs are cooler than leather chairs, but they are more susceptible to deterioration and wear over time. Fabric is a far more appealing surface (for most animals) than leather if you have dogs that prefer to scratch or chew.

In comparison, it is very inexpensive and simple to upholster a chair with fabric rather than leather.

The chair’s structure and other components must be considered.

Similarly, not all metal frames are made equal. The frames of the less costly chairs are typically made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, while the more expensive chairs are more likely to be made of steel.

Aluminum is lighter than steel, yet it lacks the strength of steel. If at all possible, avoid chairs made of particleboard since they are very flimsy and generally indicate low overall quality.

Extra features

A gaming chair nowadays may be much more than a bucket seat with a vibrant color palette. Gaming chairs may come with a variety of features, including speakers, cup holders, and even phone charging connections.

Are Massage Chairs Worth the Money?

When it comes to massage chairs, like with everything else, you get what you pay for.

When contemplating utilizing a massage chair for gaming, the most important thing to ask you is. Do you have severe pain or another medical issue that you think a massage chair can help you with, or do you just like sitting in a massage chair?

The one that tickles your toes and makes you happy? In the latter scenario, a massage chair for gaming is far more likely to satisfy you.

Before making a significant choice regarding a massage chair, visit a doctor if you have a more severe medical issue.

Other supplements

In terms of cost, speakers and massage cushions are the most frequent “major” extras found in gaming chairs.

There is almost no end to what you may find when it comes to tiny pieces of equipment. You should think about the chair’s total pricing as well as the worth of each of its features.

However, there are excellent gaming chairs available that do not need any additional features and are also less expensive.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is it true that gaming chairs are helpful for back pain?

Back discomfort may be relieved by gaming chairs with lumbar support and various adjustments. This kind of gaming may help you maintain a good posture and relieve back discomfort. As a result, gaming chairs can help with lower back pain.

What is the greatest back support gaming chair?

The best gaming chair for back support is the Nokaxus Gaming Chair or Dowinx Gaming Chair. These chairs feature headrests and backrests that may be removed to make the user more comfortable.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a gaming chair for back pain?

Gaming chairs are worth it if you seek back pain alleviation with comfort and lumbar support. Although it is a bit pricey, the ergonomic features and support help you feel at ease.


It’s no simple job to choose the best gaming chair for lower back discomfort. However, with our assistance, you may be able to find a chair that is so comfy that you will be able to sit in it Forever and ever.

While playing video games, it has been shown that a massage chair may offer relief from lower back discomfort as well as a more comfortable sensation.

For lower back discomfort, We suggest using the Nokaxus Gaming Chair, Dowinx Gaming Chair, or KILLABEE Gaming Chair. Many individuals have reported alleviation from back problems after using these chairs.

But do keep in mind that you cannot sit on a chair endlessly. Take walks and exercise regularly; the healthier you are, the more you will be able to conquer in the gaming industry.

You have now reached the end of this article, thank you so much for taking the time to read this.