8 Best Minimalist PC Cases | Updated List For 2022

Before you go to a party, there’s often a clash of thoughts in your head-the glitter outfit would be too much, jeans and shirt? Well too less and all that battle of thoughts leads to a simple conclusion- to dress in a minimalistic manner but still look like a charm!

Now if you think so much about your dressing sense and everything related, why not think of your PC too. Obviously, we aren’t talking about dressing up your PC but the idea of minimalism.

Your PC case needs to match everything, just like you!  A minimalist PC case should be smooth, clean, and beautiful; the less showy your case is, the better.

It should have a compact footprint and complement the look of your minimalist workplace while delivering the essential characteristics of a normal case, such as compatibility with most modern PC components and excellent ventilation.

PC cases come in many different forms, sizes, and styles, and the best of them must offer a strong foundation for your design.

When selecting a case for your workplace, visual attractiveness is an important factor to consider. Because your PC is going to be a long-term investment that you will use often, visual appeal is just as essential as functionality.

Best Minimalist PC Cases Under Your Budget Range

1. Corsair Carbide 275R

2. NZXT H510 Elite

3. Cooler Master MasterBox

4. Phanteks Eclipse P400

5. Fractal Design Vector RS

6. Rosewill Prism S

7. Raidmax Blazar

8. Lian LI LANCOOL 205

1. Corsair Carbide 275R Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case

Best Minimalist PC Cases
  • Full window side panel
  • Clean and minimalist styling
  • Simple and intuitive internal layout
  • Versatile cooling with multiple radiators


The Corsair Carbide 275R Mid-Tower ATX Gaming Case is ideal for those looking for a low-cost, minimalist PC case.

The Carbide 275R is a sleek, elegant, and simple PC case that manages to meet all of the basic criteria while retaining an artistic simplicity.

The Carbide 275R has a flexible cooling system that allows for the installation of up to six cooling fans or three radiators: a 360 mm radiator in the front, a 240 mm radiator in the roof, and a 120 mm radiator in the rear.

The Carbide 275R also has Direct Airflow PathTM Cooling, which means that cool air is sent directly to the PC’s most heated areas without being obstructed by device cages. The built-in cable routing aids inefficient administration and simple operation, and the wiring may be discreetly tucked away from view.

It may be a mid-tower case, but it has plenty of tactical advantage and a lot of room; strong durable construction steel drive that offers space for up to two 3.5″ HDDs and four 2.5″ SSDs — it may be a mid-tower case, but it has plenty of strategic advantage and a lot of areas.

This PC case also has a magnetic dust filter that can be removed for easy cleaning. With a beautiful tempered glass side panel that allows you to easily show your build and delicate accent lighting that gently frames the construction of the case, the Carbide 275 R ticks all the right boxes in terms of appearance. It comes in black and white, as well as acrylic, and has a matte texture that is quite appealing to the eye.

If you’re searching for a great mix of elegance and performance, the Corsair Carbide 275R is the way to go.

2. NZXT H510 Elite

Best Minimalist PC Cases
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatible USB-C connector
  • Includes two HUE 2 RGB lighting channels
  • Clean, modern & iconic cable management
  • Vertical GPU Mount


The NZXT H510 Elite is a premium mid-tower ATX PC case that is unquestionably one of the best minimalist PC cases available today. The NZXT H510 Elite is a slim case with a matte finish and twin tempered glass front panels (available in black and white).

Both the flush-mounted tempered glass front panel and the RGB build inside are transparent, allowing a clear view of the PC components and displaying the RGB build attractively.

The case satisfies the need for a beautiful but simple appearance, and it outperforms most rival PC cases in terms of functionality. The NZXT H510 Elite is a clever PC case with a removable radiator mounting bracket, conveniently accessible SSD trays, a vertical GPU mount, and a unique cable management system that makes the user’s life easier. 

The NZXT H510 Elite is a clever PC case with a removable radiator mounting bracket, conveniently accessible SSD trays, a vertical GPU mount, and a unique cable management system that makes the user’s life easier.  Two HUE RGB lighting channels and three fan channels are also included in the case, which offers a support system for 0dB modes, allowing voltage-regulated or PWM fans to be used.

The two 140mm Aer RGB 2 fans, as well as the fan filters and two radiators, offer an excellent cooling solution for the PC’s components, allowing for easy airflow (one rear radiator slot with support up to 120mm and a front radiator slot with support up to 280mm).

The NZXT H510 Elite doesn’t allow much room for error. It has seven expansion slots and a front I/O USB 3.1 Gen 2-compatible Type-C connection, unlike typical PC cases. The NZXT CAM program is a fantastic tool that allows you to inspect and monitor the operation of your system by selecting preset settings or customizing RGB lights and fans.

3. Cooler Master MasterBox NR600 ATX MId-Tower Case

Best Minimalist PC Cases
  • Optimal thermal performance.
  • Flush Tempered glass Side panel design
  • Graphics Card support up to 410 millimeter
  • Ample room for cable management.


The NR600 features a simple, understated design that yet manages to seem professional and elegant. If you’re searching for something simple and efficient, the NR600 is the case for you. If you’re new to PC cases, the NR600 may be the product for you.

The NR600 has an outstanding thermal performance thanks to a front panel made entirely of a single layer of fine mesh that allows for good airflow and a vented top for optimum cooling. The cooling choices are extremely versatile since they are available in the front, top, and back.

The NR600 is somewhat smaller than other mid-tower cases in terms of space, but it has enough capacity for all essential components and can easily fit any conventional ATX motherboard layout. Five 2.5″ drives and four 3.5″ drives may be simply mounted using a toolless method.

The elegant tempered glass side panel enhances the case’s pure beauty, providing a panoramic glimpse into your PC’s inner workings. The NR600 has a standard headset-friendly 4 pole headset jack that enables both audio and microphone functionality, eliminating the need for separate connections, as well as two USB 3.0 ports for easy communication.

The cable management system is very useful to the user; there is enough room below the motherboard for it, and the rubber grommets are of excellent quality and can resist wear and tear.

The NR600 also comes with an ODD (Optical Disk Drive) option, which you may choose if you use optical disks often; if ODD support is not desired, you can choose an alternative with additional cooling choices.

Overall, the MasterBox NR600 is an excellent choice for a novice who wants something low-maintenance but yet powerful enough to meet their PC build’s needs, and the NR600’s contemporary and minimalist appearance just adds to its appeal.

4. Phanteks Eclipse P400 ATX Mid-Tower Case

Best Minimalist PC Cases
  • Clean interior –PSU Cover & HDDs
  • Fully Equipped with Magnetic Dust Filters
  • Steel Exterior and Tempered Glass Side Panel.
  • Clean cable management with Phanteks


Look no farther than Phanteks’ P400 from the famous Eclipse series if you’re looking for a budget-friendly device that’s also a long-term investment. The P400 features a stylish, contemporary, and simple design that is available in gray, black satin, white, white and black, and black and red.

It has a built-in RGB light controller with a 10-color RGB downlight and an RGB power light with an on/off button on the front of the case, which is very convenient. A 300 mm RGB LED Strip is included as well as an extra strip to provide more illumination to the inside. 

The P400 also features magnetic dust filters on the intakes for easy cleaning; it has two Drop-N-Lock SSD trays and an Innovative Modular HDD System, which allows you to simply remove the HDD cages if you want to add larger PSUs (i.e. >240mm).

The P400 comes with a tempered glass panel on the side, which is a nice touch for the price. The glass is sleek and of excellent quality, and it keeps the drive bays and power supply out of your line of sight, making for a cleaner build. It’s also shockingly large and simple to construct. 

It’s also shockingly large and simple to construct. The P400 features a 1x Phanteks 120mm fan in the front and 1x Phanteks 120mm fan in the back for airflow generation; it also boasts an outstanding water-cooling system that supports radiators up to 360mm.

The graphic card is simple to install and has plenty of room for clearance. The I/O hidden in the removable front panel — with two USB 3.0 ports, a headphone and microphone jack, as well as the LED and reset controls — contributes to the aesthetic minimalism of this particular case; the cable management is also exceptional, thanks to the applicability of the Hoop-N-Loop cable management ties; and, the P400 also makes it possible for a customizable layout!

The P400’s complete metal body and tempered glass side panel add to its overall durability; it has a sturdy and substantial body that is resistant to harm.

Without a doubt, if you select the P400, you will find it to be a joy to work with, and you will finish up with a clean and beautiful construction.

5. Fractal Design Vector RS Blackout Dark

Best Minimalist PC Cases
  • Tinted, bolt-free Tempered glass 
  • Interchangeable top panel
  • Counter-angled intake vents
  • Six HDD and two SSD mounts included


Fractal Design, located in Scandinavia, has created the Vector RS Blackout Dark, which is one of the most advanced and minimalist PC cases available.

With sharp lines, a sleek and glossy finish (in black), and, of course, its most noteworthy feature — tinted tempered glass panels on three sides, devoid of any hassle-inducing fasteners, the Vector RS Blackout Dark creates a stunning image. This case provides a gorgeous touch to your desktop while being elegant and functional.

The Vector RS doesn’t have angular edges for show; the clean-cut aids in efficiency while setting up your PC, and the inside is modular, allowing you to easily arrange the various components within the case, allowing for great compartmentalization.

When compared to most other cases on our list, the design of this case is unusual — the front part of the case is very simple and minimal, while the top panel (which is also readily replaceable) holds all of the essential slots, supports up to nine fan settings, and features intake vents that help create the maximum amount of needed air flow.

With room for radiators up to 420mm on the top, 360mm in the front, and 280mm in the back, as well as pre-installed fans, there is enough water-cooling support. The adjustable layout is its best feature; you can simply change your arrangement for more effective cooling or more disk capacity.

The cabling system is obscured by the full-size PSU, however, the case itself is compatible with Gigabyte Fusion, ASUS Aura, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome models. In summary, the Vector RS aims to meet all of your PC requirements.

6. Rosewill Prism S ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Computer Case

Rosewill Prism S ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Computer Case
  • Anti-reflective and non-polarized lens 
  • Ultra-lightweight and flexible frame
  • Durability and comfortable wear
  • Stylish frame for video games


Rosewill Prism’s ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Case is a stunning mid-tower gaming case that meets all of the requirements for a minimalistic case. Its angular design pattern, elegant and basic appearance, and practical efficiency make it a strong candidate for housing your PC build.

This particular device has an air of outstanding elegance thanks to the beautiful diamond-shaped front panel.

The Rosewill prism’s dignified elegance is unrivaled, and as a practical PC case, it does not disappoint. This case is very tough, with a strong and protective steel front panel and a sleek tempered glass side panel that work together to give it a polished appearance.

It has an adjustable GPU brace bracket that protects larger graphics cards from malfunctioning, and your wires can be conveniently concealed in the PSU shroud on the top portion, which also provides excellent ventilation.

This case also supports RGB software such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic LightSync, and Gigabyte RGB Software, and comes with pre-installed intake RGB case fans at the base that circulates air to keep the PSU, GPU, and motherboard at a comfortable temperature.

The Prism also has adequate internal space to allow for optimum ventilation. The LED lights may be turned on and off, as well as the colors and effects, using an efficient power button. You have a wide range of RGB effects to select from. Optional support includes a 360mm AIO liquid cooler for the bottom, a 240mm radiator for vertical mounting, and a 160mm CPU cooler, or you may upgrade. The Prism was designed to handle any requirement for upgrades or expansions, guaranteeing that you won’t be left behind no matter how long you use it.

On the top of the panel is an I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports as well as HD audio-in and mic-out jacks for quick connection. You can put two SSDs in the detachable trays and still have space in the removable drive cage for two more HDD/SSD units.

The case is very light and simple to handle, despite its ruggedness.

Overall, this case has a polished appearance, and the broad range of effects makes it seem like a contemporary next-gen device. It would be a fantastic addition to your setup.

7. Raidmax Blazar ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Computer Case

Rosewill Prism S ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Computer Case
  • Brushed finish front panel 
  • Built-in ARGB LED Strip
  • Large smoked Acrylic side panel
  • Video Card length up to 13.98 inches


With the Blazar PC case, Raidmax successfully blends a simple design with a hint of flare. The Blazar defies convention while maintaining a high level of quality, and it yet manages to meet all of your PC-building needs, making it a unique PC case.

It has a brushed front panel with a built-in tapered RGB LED strip, which gives it a clean appearance, and a tall acrylic finish on the side panel, which is smooth and polished and adds an exquisite touch to the Blazar. This big acrylic panel distinguishes the Blazar as a classy and unique case among its peers.

This solid unit also supports a tall CPU cooler up to 145mm (5.71 inches) to ensure effective airflow and 240mm of liquid cooling and is compatible with a video card length of up to 355 mm (13.98 inches) and provides an accelerated pace of connectivity through USB 3.0 mounted top and high definition audio quality — this strong unit also appears to support a tall CPU cooler up to 145mm (5.71 inches) to ensure effective airflow and 240mm of liquid cooling. There are a staggering seven expansion slots available.

The Blazar is probably the most affordable PC case on our list, with a somewhat competent configuration and beautiful appearance, making it a bargain.

8. Lian LI LANCOOL 205

Rosewill Prism S ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Computer Case
  • Computer case with clean aesthetic
  • Durable and roomy for your first build
  • Mid-Tower Chassis with ease installation
  • Removable SSD mounting brackets


Lian LI LANCOOL is renowned for its straightforward designs. The Lian LI LANCOOL 205 (in black and white) is the epitome of minimalism. If you have a tiny workplace and want to keep things clean and simple, this is a good option for you.

The LANCOOL 205 is a mid-tower chassis with tempered glass side panels and a white color scheme that gives it a traditional appearance. In fact, this case resembles a small, translucent mini refrigerator!

The LANCOOL 205 offers plenty of space for any required components, as well as custom fans (2x120mm and pre-installed), a powerful water-cooling system, and magnetic dust filters (in the top and front halves, with a dust filter tray at the bottom) that aid in effective cleaning and optimum ventilation.

The side panels include minute and tapered strips that help with airflow, and liquid cooling is also offered. The interior’s tempered glass side panel (on the left) displays the brightness of your vibrant RGB arrangement.

The LANCOOL 205 offers additional space to tuck away bothersome wires, ensuring that the inside is minimalist and not congested, and it supports ATX, mATX, and mini-ATX motherboard sizes. 

It contains four 2.5″ SSDs or two 2.5″ SSDs and two 3.5″ SSDs or two 3.5″ HDDs, as well as a power button, two USB 3.0 ports, and audio and microphone connectors. SSD mounting brackets are detachable, and the top and front fan brackets, as well as the PSU and HDD bay, may all be changed out for convenience. The case is simple to work with and can be readily modified.


Hopefully, this post aids you in selecting a minimalist PC case, or at the very least, provides you with a decent summary of what to look for while making your decision.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, please leave them in the comments section below, and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you so much for reading!

What to Look for When Buying a Minimalist Computer Case

When looking for the best minimalist PC case for your setup, there are a few things to keep in mind:


PC Cases come in a range of materials, and it’s important to pick one that’s constructed of the most robust material possible to guarantee that your PC can survive long-term use.

Steel is the most popular material for PC cases because of the long-term protection it offers (particularly, SECC Steel), however, steel PC cases may be costly. Acrylic and aluminum may be used as effective and less expensive alternatives.


When selecting a minimalist PC case, size is perhaps the most essential consideration. PC cases are available in a variety of sizes, including compact form factor (less than fourteen inches), mini-tower (14-16 inches), mid-tower (17 to 21 inches), and full tower (more than twenty inches) (22 to 27 inches).

These four kinds differ based on the amount of space available for internal components. You must first determine the exact needs for your system and then choose the most suitable size.

Side Panel Type

While there are many different designs and materials for side panels, tempered glass is the best option (transparent, if you would like to display your setup).

Tempered glass panels are not only long-lasting, but they also provide a minimalist PC case a more streamlined appearance. A plastic panel, on the other hand, would give the appearance of being less premium and would be considerably harder to maintain. A tempered glass panel is also ideal for adding visual appeal.


A good airflow system allows for sufficient ventilation and cooling, all of which are required for the setup to operate properly.

Cooling is crucial when it comes to packed components. Any insufficient ventilation or cooling may shorten the life of your PC build.

Cable Management

If you want to keep your setup as minimalist as possible, you’ll need to keep track of your wires (inside and outside of the PC case).

To prevent confusion, the case should have enough space and facilities to handle the tying of your wires in an organized way.

Proper wire management is essential, particularly if you want to keep the PC case’s aesthetic simplicity.

Dust filters, which serve as barriers to protect the PC from dust particles that may damage its internal functioning (just be sure to clean the filters regularly!), storage capacity, motherboard support, GPU size, and aesthetic lighting are all things to think about.

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