6 Best Gaming Chair Under $200 | Updated List For 2022

200 dollars is a pretty reasonable budget for a great gaming chair. You can easily acquire a cozy yet stylish chair for $200 but you just need to know where to look. And if you are here, you are at the correct place!

So let’s talk about the best gaming chairs for around $200. 

This is where some of the more well-known companies will enter the battle. This isn’t always an unfavorable factor, since these items are likely to include more high-end features than those available at older price points.

Below in this article, we’ll look at the finest gaming chairs for around $200. So this will include cherished brands like GTPLAYER, AutoFull, Hbada, GTRACING, Ficmax, Dowinx, and many more, so you get all kinds of gaming chairs from a variety of manufacturers.

Now without further ado, let’s begin!

This article will help you choose the gaming chair that is best for you. Expenditure of $200 might not always sound like much, but if you know where to shop, you’ll find some very good bargains on high-quality gaming chairs. 

Several gaming chairs on the market may be quite similar in terms of their ergonomic advantages, their appearance, and feeling, or even simply their build quality.

They might be profoundly different in a certain area, which means it is hard to discover something that perfectly fits your needs. But rest assured because we are here to take your problems away and give you a comfortable chair.

Regardless of whether you’re a serious gamer or if you’re a computer user who works on a desktop all day, you have probably longed for the ultimate comfy chair that will rid you of back discomfort. 

Though great gaming chairs may be costly, they are well worth the money.

Hence we started our search by looking for the best gaming chair for the budget-conscious as well as those who have a little more spending money and are willing to spend extra on their chairs to have a better seating experience. 

Therefore in the list below you would find everything that you’ll want in your ideal chair!

6 Best Gaming Chair Under $200

1. GTPLAYER Racing Chair

2. AutoFull E-Sports Chair

3. Hbada Desk Chair

4. GTRACING Gaming Chair

5. Ficmax Chair

6. PS4 Chair by Dowinx

1. GTPLAYER Racing Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  • anti-collapse thicker sponge
  • removable headrest and adjustable lumbar
  • luxury and comfortable
  • Adjustable Backrest reclining between 90°-170°


Let’s get this party started with the GTPLAYER Racing Chair. The first and the most impressive feature in the chair is the tilt lock equilibrium.

Equilibrium is a unique feature on the GTPlayer gaming chair that can detect whether you are leaning too far forward or backward and then automatically moves your seat so that you remain balanced. 

Made of PU leather and a thick sponge, this chair provides comfort and long-term durability, together with humanized ergonomic design to let you remain in a seated position for long durations.

This chair’s design features a multi-adjustment setup, which means it’s quite accommodating to individual body sizes. This backrest was created specifically to offer your neck, shoulders, and lumbar region maximum comfort and security. 

This chair may be utilized for tasks requiring long-term concentration or for serious gaming. Soft and breathable, this high-grade PU leather feels nice as you work or play. 

Additionally, the low height and 360° swivel wheel appear like automobile seats that provide an immersive gaming experience. Both adults and children may use it. With the supplied basic equipment, it just takes a few minutes to install.

For prolonged sitting and comfort, the bucket seat has ergonomic lumbar support and adjustable armrests. 

GTplayer racing chair was designed with specific design optimizations to reduce the effects of tiredness for longer playing sessions. With this comfortable, durable high back gaming chair, you can be sure of comfort and endurance. 

It is constructed of heavy-duty metal that holds up to 300 pounds. It’s comfier and easier on the body with the ergonomic design. Not only can armrests assist in gaming controls, but they also enable comfort while your arms are on them. 

The chair’s height and angle of reclining may be changed using the gas lift control knob located beneath the seat.

2. AutoFull E-Sports Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow
  • Comfort  support of neck and waist
  • Adjustable Backrest between 90-155 degree
  • SGS certified 4-level cylinder


Next up is the AutoFull E-Sports Chair. The AutoFull name has long been regarded as one of the most reputable and sophisticated gaming chair manufacturers. 

AutoFull is committed to designing the best gaming chairs as well as providing the best gaming experience possible for professional gamers. You may adjust and recline between 90° and 155° to find your most relaxed posture. 

This chair is a fantastic complement to any gaming setup. It is wonderfully designed in terms of aesthetics and ergonomic usefulness.

The chair relieves muscular strain and tiredness, so it can be used in both leaning and upright postures to provide your physique the support it needs in every circumstance – particularly while playing video games. 

Its large 13cm seat cushion ensures maximum comfort, while the chair’s unique anatomical shape minimizes tiredness in your back and legs as you game. 

The chair’s elevation and lumbar support can both be adjusted to find the ideal position for you, and the accompanying cushion relieves strain on your lower back and aids in maintaining excellent posture. 

It features a solid metal base that won’t shake or fall over readily. The AutoFull E-Sports Chair will offer the best neck and waist support, so you won’t have to worry about back discomfort or neck fatigue when gaming, working, or viewing for prolonged periods. 

The ergonomic design widens the backrest and seat cushion, which is composed of 3 times thicker high-density memory foam that relieves strain on the spine and waistline and keeps you relaxed all day. 

The Lumbar pillow increases the size of the lumbar support so that it aligns with the curvature of your spine, reducing discomfort.

The Auto Full Gaming Chair is ideal for both leisure and professional gamers, with a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds! 

With the 360-degree swivel feature of this chair, you may recline and twist about, or you can secure your preferred position in place. 

It’s simple to clean because the PU leather and the carbon fiber element adds to the overall looks and usefulness.

The AutoFull chair is designed to keep you comfortable as you play for extended periods. You can select your most suitable gaming posture with a raised backrest, lumbar support, changeable headrest, and reclining functionality. 

The PU leather will ensure that you receive the most durability and comfort imaginable. For all serious gamers, this is a necessity.

3. Hbada Desk Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  • High Density Thickend Cushion
  • Reclining backrest from 90° to 155°
  • 7cm height adjustable armrest
  • Retractable Smooth footrest


Ever heard of the Hbada Desk Chair? Well, it’s time to know a bit more about it – The Hbada computer chair is intended to provide you with a better experience, more support, and more comfort at a lower price. 

Extra broad seat space, comfy backrest and headrest, and sufficient lumbar support to maintain proper posture are all characteristics of the Hbada gaming racing chair. 

The Hbada racing gaming chair is well-padded and has a wide seat surface that is ideal for professional gamers. It significantly reduces fatigue over long hours of gaming owing to its high-quality PU leather and memory foam cushioning. 

The footrest and armrest may both be adjusted to provide a precise match. Because of the 8cm seat height adjustment, this comfortable desk chair is ideal for those who are between 5.2 and 6 feet tall. 

The wide armrest and high backrest provide appropriate back and neck alignment and stability. It features an adjustable backrest that may be reclined from 90 degrees to 155 degrees. 

It is composed of polyurethane (PU) leather upholstery and has sturdy metal legs (made from steel rods). This adjustable computer chair is as comfy as it is durable, with a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Again for budget, the Hbada Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a good option. For those on a shoestring, this is one of the most ergonomic backs available in this price bracket. 

The back padding is quite comfortable, and it keeps your body in position while keeping excellent balance. This chair is one of our top choices for gaming chairs under $200 because of its decent durability, ease of construction, and modest back support.

4. GTRACING Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  • 2 in-built Bluetooth speakers
  • comfortable seated position
  • High-Quality Smooth Pu leather
  • Removable headrest


Here’s a chair from the customer’s favorite brand GTRACING. You get the ultimate quality for enjoyment with the GTRACING Bluetooth gaming chair. The surround sound system ensures that you get the most out of your enjoyment. 

Link it to your phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to experience amazing gaming, music, and movies in surround sound. This wireless speaker chair was designed with ergonomics in consideration, allowing for extended hours of comfort and simple operation.

It is a fantastic wireless Bluetooth gaming chair for around $200 that will completely transform your gaming experience- It is easy to fold and unfold, features a compact design, an adjustable backrest, and cushioned armrests for optimum support. 

The two headrest-mounted speakers provide an excellent power output and produce powerful, crystal-clear music with deep bass. The supplied controlling cable may also be used to adjust the volume, which is handy.

You may wirelessly listen to music from every smart device, such as an iPhone, Android phone, tablet PC, or laptop, via a Bluetooth connection. 

Two built-in speakers are integrated into the chair’s frame to provide surround sound when gaming. A status indicator light also indicates if the product is connected to Bluetooth devices, making it easier to operate.

Your posture will be maintained straight and calm for extended periods thanks to its ergonomic design. The chair will help you maintain a level of comfort while being engaged in the game. 

With this unique music chair designed for hardcore gamers, you can bring your company or take it with you on the move. In complement to the thrilling game on the screen, the Bluetooth speaker that comes included with this device allows you to immerse yourself in surround sound.

GTRACING Bluetooth Chair is a must-have for every gamer. It’s sporty, stylish, and ergonomic. It has an ergonomic design that supports your back and neck so you can spend hours playing. The high-density foam seat cushion eliminates all chair vibrations, providing maximum comfort. 

The speaker system, which can play music for up to 6 hours, is built into the headrest of the chair, allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes while gaming.

5. Ficmax Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  • Dirt & fade resistant PU leather
  • 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam
  • Complete metal framework built to last
  • Retractable footrest & large seat cushion


Now let’s talk about the Ficmax Chair. This chair features a 4.8-inch thick high-density memory foam seat cushion and a matching backrest, making it ideal for gaming. 

The tilt-lock mechanism enables you to adjust the backrest to whatever position you choose, making it ideal for sleeping or watching a movie in the lounge room. 

This chair’s high-quality PU leather and metal structure make it robust and long-lasting and the big wheels make it simple to move about – perfect for students with limited room.

This chair is comfortable and soothing to sit in for long periods thanks to a large cushion pad and high-quality heat-resistant material. 

The maximum weight capacity is 350 pounds, and the wheels are constructed of quality PU tough rubber for a smooth ride on any terrain. If you’re a tall gamer who enjoys having plenty of leg space, this big ergonomic gaming chair is for you. 

The extra-thick memory foam padding in the cushioned seat will keep you comfy for extended periods. The seat is built ergonomically to relieve pressure areas that cause discomfort and suffering. 

For optimum flexibility and convenience, the armrests have a broad range of movement.

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is not only practical but also attractive and comfy. The pneumatic lift adjusts up and down for optimum comfort, while the cushioned leather seat relieves pressure points. 

Quick access to the keyboard or mouse is made possible by the full 360-degree swivel. Cozy memory foam padding ensures that you stay relaxed during hard gaming sessions.

The Ficmax Gaming Chair is an ergonomically designed, ultra-comfortable gaming chair. This gaming chair has a complete 180-degree tilt mechanism, a detachable footrest, adjustable armrests, and a big seat cushion. 

It will provide you with the most pleasant gaming experience possible. The supplied instructions make it simple to build this gaming coach in about 20 minutes without the need for any tools, so you can get began playing right away. 

The headrest is also customizable, so you may put it in your favorite position at any time. The seat height may also be adjusted.

6. PS4 Chair by Dowinx

Best Gaming Chair Under $200
  • massage lumbar pillow
  • 5 inches high-density foam
  • 360° swivel with smooth caster wheels
  • head pillow and lumbar pillow


You surely would have heard of the PS4 Chair by Dowinx, let’s see what makes it special. This high-quality gaming chair has an ergonomic design and a USB cord power supply massager, making it perfect for long gaming sessions. 

This below $200 massage gaming chair features an extra soothing stronger massage lumbar support that utilizes a motor to mimic various types of massages in 10 minutes. It even has a fantastic massager for people who have to sit at a desk for most of the week.

Its curved form and gas-lift base make lounging more relaxing. The connected headrest cushion provides additional support, while the cushioned armrests and high back allow you to rest your hands in a variety of positions. 

The Dowinx Gaming Chair is the ideal gaming chair, with a unique ergonomic design and a wide range of features such as 360° swivel and quick racing caster wheels, as well as 90°-180° inclination changeable reclining. 

The chair is ideal for gaming, studying, working, or sleeping. The pleasant middle seat position is maintained by the high backrest, which offers lasting lumbar support for postural assistance. 

The head cushion provides support for your head, allowing you to read and gaze down comfortably while playing. The lumbar cushion, meanwhile, protects your lower back and relieves any unneeded strain.

It supports your body mass, lower back, lumbar spine, and hips well. Gamers will feel reduced shoulder strain when they settle down to play their games as a result of this. 

The gamers can effortlessly move about in their chair thanks to its 360-degree rotating design, and they won’t be confined by a desk corner. Dowinx chair is extremely comfortable because of its comfy bucket seat design and plush stuffing on the side wings. 

Because the high back offers multi-point physical contact and protection for the back and neck, you may lean to the side without the fear of falling or injuring your neck. 

The winged back and bucket seat shape unite to enable users to lean gently into the chair for further comfort. Both for players and business professionals, it’s a great option.

This ultra-comfortable gaming chair has been designed for gamers with two separate wings on the back for extra support. The stiffer wings offer you additional softness. 

The thigh and backrest cushions include five zones of massaging action intended to provide complete relaxation. 

This chair is comfortable enough to use for extended periods since it has completely cushioned armrests and headrests.

This brings us to the end of the reviews. But before you proceed, it’s important to know of the varieties available in the market, so let’s do just that now-

Types of Gaming Chairs

If you’re playing games while sitting on your rocking gaming chair, you may adjust the volume to your preferred level and listen to your favorite music or games. Cheap, lesser-quality gaming chairs are less costly than their better-quality counterparts.

Racer-style gaming seats are created with just one purpose in mind—to provide ergonomic support while playing motorsport or sports games. Constant accessories like paddle shifters, pedals, and steering wheel extensions are a part of their design. 

The seat is intended to be able to recline, giving the player an edge while they play the game. One chair may be converted into a driving simulator whilst playing racing games like Gran Turismo.

Pc gaming chairs – As stated before, desktop gaming chairs are much more flexible because they may also be used for a variety of daily activities, such as watching TV or reading a book. 

On the other hand, they have almost all of the functions that can be found in high-end office chairs, and these are what most users want. The most comfortable PC gaming seats include many adjustment options that reduce wear and discomfort over time.

Looking for a cheap gaming chair? We’ve got you covered.

Are you playing for comfort and leisure, or are you more focused on racing chairs with a lower seating position? 

You’re searching for something that will remain in place without obscuring your vision, or something that provides you with an all-encompassing gaming experience?

To further help you understand how to choose an inexpensive but comfy gaming chair, we’ll start by discussing what factors you should examine while purchasing one. 

Because of the long hours, you will be investing in your chair; many experienced gamers realize how essential it is to get a comfortable gaming chair. 

When searching for a gaming chair, don’t only look for a chair that’s ideal for gamers; seek one that is also beneficial to your physical well-being.

The most essential factor when selecting the finest gaming chair is your body shape. Is this chair going to provide you about 5 hours of daily usage? Or might it be much more?

If the first thing is to answer this question; you are now halfway there. 

When shopping for a gaming chair under $200, there are a lot of choices, so it may be difficult. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve done enough research for you, and here are the key things to consider while searching for a comfortable and sturdy chair, such as chair design, maximum weight capacity, and comfort. 

While you’ll also learn how to pick chairs for various body kinds and how to get the most out of your money, you will be missing some savings.


Fibers are made from many materials, such as leather, cloth, vinyl, or polyester mixes. For some people, having a chair that simply feels better is all they care about, while others prefer to enjoy the luxury of a chair that feels finer. 

The selections will be more restricted, but if you are interested in a more durable chair, you may wind up buying a more expensive one that will last much longer than a less expensive chair that doesn’t have the same level of luxury.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic chairs have been in use for a while now. Their concept for an office chair began with the assumption that office employees would want an office chair built specifically for them. 

The chair’s form gradually evolved into more ergonomic gaming chairs geared toward those who want a more pleasant gameplay experience.

You should focus on comfort and ease of use while shopping for an ergonomic chair. When some individuals urge you to pay no attention to built-in speakers and vibrating massage motors and instead place your attention on chairs that are lightweight and provide lumbar support, you should disregard them. 

Of course, they are correct. One of the finest gaming chairs for long gaming sessions is comfy enough for hours of gameplay, whether it is on your computer or a console.

Ergonomic design features promote healthy positions for the body. Ergonomic gaming seats can carry you towards the next stage. This special design will be suitable for customers ranging from 5’2″ to 6’4″ and weighing up to 400 lbs. 

Each chair is constructed using sturdy and high-quality materials. Ergonomic chairs are built to accommodate your body type, making it possible for you to sit for extended periods without experiencing discomfort.

Wearing shoes that are the incorrect size is akin to gaming on a chair which is not ergonomically suitable. Regardless of the shoes or the chair, if the size is incorrect, there will be difficulties.

Neck support or headrest

Gaming headrests are used to support your head while playing games. Stitched into gaming seats, bean bag chairs, and computer chairs, it is commonly used. 

In addition to increasing alertness, the gaming chair headrest serves to maintain player attention during long hours of gaming. The chair’s headrest is a fantastic bonus for the gamer. 

It allows gamers to recline and lean their heads back while playing.

Ergonomic lumbar support

When it comes to a gaming chair, having a decent lumbar cushion is essential. The most effective gaming seats will be firm, thick, and provide an adjustable height as well as an adjustable breadth to help you target a specific area of your back while playing. 

Many individuals suffer from back discomfort because they spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. Lumbar support may assist to alleviate the tension on your lower back caused by long-term gameplay.

Comfort for your back and your buttock is very essential in any chair. For many individuals, the lower back is a source of worry. 

An ergonomic chair with a supportive lower back is an effective way to stay in a decent position while you play.

Footrest and Armrests:

If you use your computer for gaming, getting a chair with adjustable armrests is quite essential. The most unpleasant place to be while you are doing nothing with your arms is when you are listening to songs, writing notes, or watching streaming video clips. 

If you have adjustable armrests, you may use the chair to prop your arm up anytime you just have to. When it comes to footrests, the same thing applies. Do be cautious where you place your feet when sitting, since it may lead to an uncomfortable back or shoulder.


Some people claim that a good-looking gaming chair and an outstanding set of ergonomic features may enhance the user experience. 

You will not find a model that will suit all body types and tastes. It is worth considering many aspects while searching for the best gaming chair under $200, such as height adjustability, seat recline, and backrest design.


It’s hard to decide which gaming chair is the best option. When it comes to chairs, there are lots of different types, some of which are simpler than others, and some of which are more costly than others. 

Depending on the design, some chairs have all-leather seats, while others have a fabric surface similar to a mesh. There are too many choices, making it difficult to decide where to begin.

After doing all the study, we’ve concluded that mesh office chairs are excellent, whereas PU leather office chairs are well-suited for home use.

Most gaming chairs are built from three different types of material. The first two types of leather are polyurethane (PU) leather, whereas the third kind of cloth is some kind of mesh fabric. 

There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these materials. Not unexpectedly, PU leather does not permit wrinkling since it is made up of several thread-like surfaces.

The leather vs. mesh gaming chair argument has been a longstanding topic in the computer gaming chair world for at least as long as computer gaming chairs have existed. 

PU leather is a term that may be used to describe many different materials, all of which are manufactured from polyurethane. The materials have a soft, flexible, and durable character. 

You’ll like how the seat conforms to your body while you’re sitting in it, thanks to the Velcro straps. The overall degree of comfort and elegance that the leather-like material provides is amazing.

Although both gaming seats have the same overall appearance, their functions vary considerably. Even though the leather feel of a mesh chair is very different from that of a leather chair, the overall quality of mesh chairs is on par with leather chairs. 

Though leather and mesh have several characteristics that set them apart, you should choose one based on your tastes and desired purposes.

Your chair’s body—excluding the padding and casing—should be able to sustain long-term usage. Polyurethane (PU) leather is the most common and finest gaming chair material. 

PU leather has a glossy, stain-resistant surface, is extremely easy to wash and maintain, and holds up well over time.

Comfort and Support

It is of the most critical aspects to be aware of when choosing a chair is how comfortable it is. This incorporates elements such as head and neck support, as well as lumbar support. 

The cheaper mesh-upholstered seats just can’t compare to the exceptional comfort that a leather gaming chair offers.

A gaming chair must be constructed from high-quality materials to provide comfort. When you sit on cheaper seats, you wish you had more cushioning. 

After 10 hours of gaming, you should avoid numbness in your posterior. Nylon mesh airlift suspensions do not guarantee support, but all chairs with such features are worthy of consideration.

A gaming chair’s lumbar support and headrest may vary significantly. When a material is unpleasant or breaks quickly, you should reconsider your options. 

As a result, inexpensive materials would be used, and this would have a detrimental effect on the overall user experience. 

Foam constructed out of memory and wrapped in the soft fabric is used to provide lumbar support and a headrest, which are formed around the body to feel welcome and protective. 

Ergonomic seats are also essential for those who suffer from back issues.

Width, height, and size

Finding out the chair’s height can help you pick the finest gaming chair. It is important to consider when selecting a gaming chair since it will determine how well it performs for your height. 

One of the most important aspects to consider when buying gaming chairs is whether or not the seat adjusts vertically, as most of the best gaming chairs in the market have seats that measure between 5.5′ and 6.5′, and if you are shorter, you should get seats that have height adjustments or other adjustment features so you can keep your gaming station at a compact size that’s also comfortable to sit in for extended periods.

It is as essential to choose the proper size gaming chair as it is to allot a certain budget. The smaller the better when you’re planning to use it for viewing movies. 

Alternatively, if you want to often play video games while sitting on that chair, then a bigger chair is more suitable. Tall gaming chairs are also offered to individuals who are larger in stature.

Selecting a gaming chair that can handle your current weight is very important. Weighing about 190 pounds, a 22-year-old man would be well-advised to get a chair with a weight restriction of roughly 250 to 300 pounds. 

It is highly recommended to get a chair that can support at least 300 to 400 pounds, especially if you are more than 250 pounds. Try to choose chairs with high backrests if you are above 6 feet and have long legs. 

It is not particularly pleasant to sit on chairs with the lower backrest removed, especially for tall individuals or those with longer legs.

Wrapping up 

There are several companies out there that say they produce some of the finest gaming seats, but many only provide little lumbar and neck support, which is especially important for gamers who play games for long periods. 

If you’re looking for a chair that will allow you to play for extended amounts of time without feeling the stress on your muscles and bones, you should seek a gaming chair with the characteristics mentioned above. 

The options include in-seat massagers that stimulate your back muscles, a choice of footrests, and adjustable lumbar support.

Despite the main aim of this post is to provide recommendations on the best gaming chairs for $200, we have split the recommendations into two categories: better gaming chairs for $200, and standard gaming chairs for anything beyond that. 

This selection has some of the finest gaming seats with vibration absorption capabilities, as well as a cup holder. The second class consists of gaming chairs that provide more cushioning characteristics, a sophisticated sound system, and the freedom to adjust and/or rotate the chair itself.

A bit different than what you would anticipate, The Best Gaming Chair Under $200 will provide unique features. You may be a novice gamer, or you may play competitively; regardless, this article will help you choose a chair that will enhance your gaming experience, rather than inhibit it. 

When we examine several elements such as comfort, durability, and how simple it is to modify the chair, we will have a look at these things. Our suggestion will be on the comfiest gaming chair for around $200, and maybe you can discover one.

If you play a lot of video games, you’re probably comfortable sitting in one place for hours on end. Prolonged sitting may be harmful to your physical health and your back. 

When it comes to gaming, the most essential aspect is having fun while you play. You want to avoid experiencing back discomfort when you’re gaming.

That was all! Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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