4 Best Gaming Chair Under $150 | Updated List For 2022

Most of us will assume that getting a Gaming Chair will set us back about $200-$400 and while that might be true in some cases, cheaper options are just as good.

A budget of $150 is adequate to get your hands on a good chair, but it will need a lot of research. And luckily for you, we have done all the research.

We just searched for the top gaming chairs for $100, and honestly speaking, the budget included some of the greatest treasures. So we want you to check our top gaming chairs below 150 lists.

Indeed, the greatest midrange chair is between $200 and $300.

However, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on and picking up a simple $100 gaming chair is hard for you to swallow, these $150 gaming chairs are certainly cheap fruit to consider.

The chairs are equipped with medium ergonomics, acceptable quality, and pleasant looks to become a fantastic alternative to expensive gaming seats. But you must be a little careful about your choice.

Let’s take a look at our list of the best gaming chairs to see which ones are the finest.

4 Best Gaming Chair Under $150 | Updated List

1. VECELO Gaming High Back Chair

2. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest

3. Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair

4. GOTMINSI Gaming Racing Chair

1. VECELO Gaming High Back Chair

Best Gaming Chair under $150
  • Quality Material Premium PU leather
  • high-density thicker sponge
  • 90-180 degree adjustable backrest
  • removable headrest pillow and cushion.


We had the simplest time deciding on this chair. We didn’t receive any major negative points against the $150 budget restriction, save for the complicated assembly, which we assume is a typical issue with this segment’s chair. 

Instead, the game’s excellent aesthetics, reasonable ergonomics, and overall reliable performance may captivate players.

The PU leather quality is the strongest feature for people who want to use this baby in the most humid environments. We also tried it in hot weather, and it didn’t cling to the skin, didn’t wrinkle, and allowed us to breathe freely.

Also, based on the leather quality and polish, it seems that you will not have to deal with materials flaking off over time.

However, as compared to other competitors, the 1D armrest may make it seem a bit small in terms of ergonomics. It’s OK with us till we don’t have to perform any aggressive or long-term desk job.

The 180-degree recline, adjustable cushion, rocking functionality, and 300-pound weight restriction are all typical features, but the three-year guarantee will undoubtedly spice up your hunt for a long-lasting $150 gaming chair.

However, there is a drawback here in the form of ambiguous assembly instructions, which may overwhelm a non-techie.

Overall, this chair is a good one in a big crowd. The features and mechanics are ideal for individuals looking for long-lasting durability on a tight budget. Don’t be upset by the preliminary assembly information, since nothing in this world is flawless. As an outcome, it’s an excellent choice for both experts and novices.

2. Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair With Footrest

Best Gaming Chair under $150
  • Vertical adjustable armrests
  • 90-180° degree adjustable backrest
  • 360° swivel function
  • thick padded bucket seat


Even though Homall makes low-cost chairs with poor ergonomics, this one offers good ergonomics and extended full-body comfort, as well as an extensible footrest. The racing style and excellent finishing will undoubtedly add beauty to your gaming setup, but keep in mind that it is not intended for long-term use.

As we’ve already said, the final style adds a lot of worth to its entire repute. The PU leather seems to be of good quality, and the foam filling isn’t anything to be concerned about.

However, the quality of the sponge foam is mediocre.

Long sittings put your body in a bit of a pain zone, despite the seating’s hardness. If you are a user who wants to try it for 8-9 hours, direct your search to some of the finest 300$ Gaming Chairs. It’s meant to be used on a casual basis.

Due to a financial constraint, anticipate restricted or poor ergonomics. With a 180-degree recline, extendable footrest, 1D adjustable armrests, and completely adjustable cushion support, Homall put up a good fight. That seems to be a helpful thing, but there are a few surprises in store for you.

The 180-degree is unquestionably superior to its peers, and the 1D armrests aren’t bad either. However, several customers complain that the armrests are fragile and have a cheap plastic feel to them. Aside from that, the footrest is detachable, but its lack of extension may be a problem for long-legged individuals.

However, for novices, casual gamers, and children, the chair is a good bundle.

Finally, the chair has a class 3 gas lift piston that can support up to 300 pounds. However, the proportions indicate that it is not suitable for large ones.

Homall is a well-known brand with excellent customer service. The chair is a good way to get started in esports without going overboard with your budget. The 180-degree recline is extremely useful for people who need a chair for multitasking, and the 1D armrest makes desk work easier. However, the most obvious recommendation is to utilize it on a more casual basis and for shorter periods.

3. Atelerix Ventris Noir Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair under $150
  • breathable mesh and foam interior
  • upgraded 4D armrests
  • 180° Adjustable backrest
  • 180° customizable armrest positions


We chose this chair on the spur of the moment since it had both good and negative aspects. So, if you’re an adventurer hoping to find a gold nugget for the price of a peanut, this is the thing for you. Big players, on the other hand, are concerned about durability and weight restrictions.

Everything is fairly acceptable in terms of design and construction, with extremely breathable mesh and fabric materials serving as the main upholstery component. However, when it comes to ergonomics, the manufacturer offers a super, super, super bundle at a shoestring price.

The 4D armrests with lots of adjustment and formation to raise the arm, shoulder, and neck comfort to many folds are the most noticeable component here. The 4D armrests slide up and down in 7 levels. Similarly, these armrests rotate inwards and outwards in three phases.

The armrests, however, wobble a little, but generally, it’s excellent value for money.

The 180-degree recline, adjustable cushions, and 260-pound weight capacity are other appealing features. We believe 260 pounds is a bit of a standardized figure that excludes large players. Similarly, some customers report that the chair squeaks after a while owing to the tight reclining settings.

This may cause some performance problems, but as a high-feature-packed chair, it gives the Atelerix Ventris an additional advantage in attracting beginners, youngsters, casual gamers, and full-time gamers.

The chair is only meant to be used for a limited period. The aggressive ergonomics enable you to completely extend your arms and legs no matter how much time it serves you. Performance isn’t everything, but you get what you pay for. Overall, the chair has excellent adjustability to appeal to both full-time and part-time gamers seeking the best gaming chair under $150.

4. GOTMINSI Gaming Racing Chair

Best Gaming Chair under $150
  • 90° to 180° reclining chair
  • adjustable seat height
  • 45° turnable soft armrest
  • safe and steady and comfortable


This brand is less well-known, but this $150 gaming chair is one of the finest in the league because of its excellent performance and attractive design. It’s ideal for novices, full-time and part-time gamers, and adolescents because of its features and flexibility.

The white and black beautiful mix of PU leather on the upholstery makes it extremely patchable with any kind of gaming setup. Although the stitching and materials seem to be of good quality, several customers report that the seat is stiff at first.

On the other hand, the ergonomics of this chair aren’t going to let it down in the competition. The user’s attention will be drawn to the fully adjustable cushion supports and 180-degree is one component, 2D armrest. The armrest can be adjusted up and down, but it also swivels at a 45-degree angle, allowing for a wide range of desk work.

However, a little wobbling in the armrest arrangement does not diminish its general repute.

Furthermore, assembling the chair was a bit difficult for us since the instructions were very complicated. We completed it in 15 minutes, however, non-techie men and women may find assembling difficult. Apart from this obstacle, the chair is well worth the money.

The chair lacks any distinguishing or eye-catching characteristics. There is, however, a fantastic mix of performance and build quality. Yes, assembling is a little like digesting sour grapes, but it’s just a one-time thing you’ll have to deal with. Overall, the chair is a good piece of gaming equipment for those on a shoestring.

Bust the Myths, Not Your Mind – Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best chair for long periods of sitting?

A $150 gaming chair is in a lower price range, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that will provide you with all-day comfort. The more you shop around, the more likely you are to find the finest seats for short-term and casual usage. You may feel uneasy with stiff body conditions after spending 4-5 hours.

What makes gaming chairs unique?

Essentially, the looks and aggressive ergonomics play a significant role in this. Because gaming chairs are intended to be used for extended periods, ergonomics and adjustability are important features. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, have athletic designs and racing styles.

What should the price of a decent gaming chair be?

A decent, sturdy, and comfy chair is really between 300-400 dollars or even more than that line. However, this does not rule out the possibility of finding excellent gaming chairs in this lower price range. You might find a good option, but only after many concessions and sacrifices.

Final Remark – the conclusion:

We understand how difficult it is to locate the best gaming chair for under $150. Regardless of whatever creative choice you take, the quality and features are almost the same. But amid the mob, you can still discover the finest.

That’s why We tried to make things as simple as possible for you. As a result, We have decided that the VECELO Gaming chair is the obvious winner.

In the feature department, it is undeniably less loaded, but what other chairs lack in terms of functionality, even when they have a slew of functions, this chair cleverly overcomes. Yes, there’s the issue of durability. It does not squeak during adjustments and motions, and it does not let you down with a breakdown of components. All of this is covered by a 3-year limited warranty.

Furthermore, we believe the upholstery quality to be much superior to that of rivals in this league, which will assist you in a variety of situations.

The GOTMINSI gaming chair, on the other hand, is our runner-up. The chair has the same set of features as VECELO, and it even has nicer armrests than the winner. So, why are we placing this in second place? 

This chair requires some construction, but the build quality isn’t as good as the VECELO’s. The looks and ergonomics are excellent, and the execution is flawless, but VECELO has a greater charm of manufacturing.

Different from that, depending on your needs and tastes, you may look at other $150 gaming chairs.

That was all, thank you so much for reading this!

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