Investing hundreds and thousands of dollars on a gaming PC, along with new furnishings for the area, maybe tough when it comes to buying a comfortable gaming chair. 

In this scenario, your gaming performance suffers and your sitting comfort is compromised. The cost of a real gaming seat is around $300-$500. However, while calculating the cost of a gaming chair, things needlessly and in reality become underestimated.

Even for gamers on a budget, there is hope. Gaming chairs under $100 can still be purchased, and this is wonderful news for gamers who are just getting started, casual gamers, and those who cannot afford higher-end seats.

We have lived up to our gaming obsession as well, by using inexpensive gaming seats, which is why We are presenting you this informative post. 

Here, you can discover some of the top $100 gaming seats (some are somewhat over the $100 threshold). Without further ado, let us go to the topic at hand; The Most Affordable Gaming Chair under $100-

Best Gaming Chair under 100 dollars

Homall is quite well-known among gamers owing to the quality of their final goods. However, does Homall provide a gaming seating option on the cheap? 

Just by knowing the Homall S-racer gaming chair beats out the competitors in features and functionalities, it’s clear that it is efficient.

In other words, it’s misleading to suggest that this chair should be a “pass” if you are someone who likes luxury, comfort, and coziness.

Most astonishing is the fact that you can have all these features and more in a chair for $100 or less. This most noticeable element is the partially silent leg and footrest you often find in high-end gaming chairs after investing anywhere from $300 to $500.

The design elements of the racing chair are quite conventional here, as one would expect in a racing chair. Seat measurements of 20.5″ x 19.5″ are good for holding smaller to slightly overweight males. 

Finally, based on this, the 30.6″ shoulder-height measurement is tall enough to comfortably accommodate men who are 6.2 feet or higher.

This chair is both lightweight and robust, capable of holding up to 300 pounds of weight without making any noise. 

Additionally, the anti-explosive gas spring helps the weight restriction by maintaining a constant seat height from 14.3 inches to 17.5 inches.

On the other hand, those who are 6 ft. or higher may find this seat’s seat height is insufficient for leg support. 

However, in addition to getting a maximum of 160-degree rearward tilt, the chair also has footrests to make it an ideal sleeping sofa.

And in the same way that other office chairs are designed, this recliner has four preset settings that allow you to set your position as per your job. 

Furthermore, the adjustable lumbar and neck support provides a much higher degree of comfort, resulting in a desire to stay in your chair.

Only armrests that can be adjusted are absent. The truth is, though, at the price range that it offers, this should not be a big issue for gamers. It also provides you with everything else you could need.

Is this worth your money?

for those who search for a few cents worth of value, Homall S-racer is the ideal choice Adjustable leg support is beneficial in this situation, and it will improve gamers’ feelings of comfort while they sit. 

Additionally, the weight restriction and reclining ability will make you feel happy.

The OFM model ESS-3085 is extremely popular with low-priced gaming chairs due to its great quality and performance. You get the impression that this chair was designed for thinner men because of its overall size and appearance. 

Though the chair has been marketed as an adult furniture category, it is better suited for teens and novices because of its weight capacity of 275lbs, flip-up arm system, and maximum backseat width of 20.5 inches.

In all, the upholstery is made up of mesh-bonded synthetic leather. Your thighs, buttocks, pelvis, and full-back don’t become sweaty since the backrest and seat are made of a cross-combination of mesh and leather.

Then again, keep this chair far from animals that misbehave, including dogs, puppies, and cats.

The workmanship and attention to detail on this $100 gaming chair is also a prominent aspect to take note of. At the nook and behind the chair, you will only discover sloppy work.

With dimensions of 20.5W X 19.5L, the backseat makes the most comfortable and practical accommodations for males under 6.1′ in height. 

The larger the shoulder breadth, the less support the neck and head get. Also, the chair’s maximum seat depth of 19.5 inches means you may lack good support for your feet.

Regardless, this chair provides a large amount of comfort at a reduced price for Normal Physique people.

While the chair has a flip-up armrest mechanism, rather than a height-adjustable one, it is designed with ergonomics in mind. While most people use mesh to decorate interior spaces, it is also often used on the backrest and seat for maximum comfort in hot and humid situations. 

Even if you recline your chair backward, the flip-up mechanism demonstrates wonderful service and convenience for your arms and wrists.

With regards to reclining, this inexpensive racing chair just has one set of 110-degrees of recline.

Is this worth your money?

Despite its lower price, a cheap chair doesn’t always imply it is of poor quality and the OFM basics racing chair shows it to be very accurate. To achieve the right mix of performance and longevity, finishing, stitching, and fabric quality are all important. 

The mesh and leather mix is very helpful for beginning players, especially youngsters, and those who want to relax. It’s priced well enough that the armrests aren’t adjustable, and this isn’t a deal-breaker.

One characteristic sets it apart from all the others: the discounted price. What makes this chair so remarkable is that it comes in at a little price while having features like a weight limit of 300 pounds, a reclining angle of 170 degrees, changeable cushion support, and ultra-synthetic faux leather.

Initially starting with the seat measurements of 20.5″D x 19.5″W, the chair does not seem to be the ideal spot to accommodate a large crowd. 

Despite this, the 30.5″ curved shoulder backrest is suitable for men 6.2″ and higher. Additionally, the reclining angle of the seatback may be adjusted to a maximum of 170 degrees using a 5-star steel frame.

Devoko has provided four different positions of reclining so you may adjust your back to find the most comfortable one for extended periods. This chair is valuable for many other sitting purposes outside gaming, including working, reading, resting, and sleeping.

The chair is also able to change the height between 16.1 inches and 20 inches with the use of anti-explosive gas springs. 

And as a matter of fact, this under $100 finest ergonomic chair is completely free of noises, even while accommodating loads up to 300lbs.

No flaw is found here: The only shortcoming is fixed armrests that provide no mobility in any dimension. But the fact is that because of the low price, you just have to deal with a fixed armrest feature.

To maximize the amount of love you have for this chair, you may configure the cushions to provide completely customizable cushion support. 

The softness of the cushion support is not added in, so you won’t get trapped in these cushions. To defend against tiredness and extended periods of sitting, it is crucial to choose the right stiffness.

In addition, the design scheme has a gorgeous blend of red and black hues. Real/PU leather has been used to create the backrest and seat for better ventilation. 

At first sight, the stitching of the chair has been created to seem like a race car seat. It provides a sporty appearance with a comfortable feel.

Is this worth your money?

Devoko’s chair is a remarkable combination of characteristics and practicality in a small, more affordable size. 

Recline ability: 170-degrees, weight capacity: 300lbs. Low-budget game fans will benefit from an administration that is both economical and cheap.

The seller with the most variety of low-cost yet feature-rich gaming chairs in its stock is “Best Office.” It’s perfect for large and bulky guys:

long-armed, high-backed chair, lumbar support cushion for tired backs, and best of all, an extra-long, ground-level seat for better leg assistance.

During extreme heat, the chair is ventilated with a 4 color design including breathable faux/PU leather. Another nice feature is the seat cushion, which offers 2.2 inches of density to help avoid muscular soreness.

The rivals all have the same seat construction, but their breadth (in inches) is significantly larger to accommodate bigger men.

In fact, the backrest provides a height of 33 inches, along with a maximum distance from the ground of 22 inches to beautifully adjust guys who are taller than 6.3 feet. 

A manufacturer’s attention to detail helps make all the big people feel supported in the head and neck region, which is an attractive quality.

Because of the anti-burst gas lift cylinder technology, you may feel a movement of between 18.3 and 22.2 inches, with seat modifications.

After incorporating features that are both distinct and useful, this ergonomic chair falls short of its weight capacity. This chair targets those who weigh 250 lbs. or more, and it has a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs. This chair has three reclining settings with a maximum angle of 135 degrees each. 

There are a variety of reclining settings on the chair so that you may sit back and relax while working and doing other “desk activities.” This helps you avoid feeling weary or stiff after a gaming session. 

The adjustable lumbar support includes an embedded vibrator that provides a little massage to prevent tiredness and muscle pain. Additionally, the neck support may be adjusted to keep your neck posture comfortable.

Is this worth your money?

People who seek out office chairs with unconventional features will turn to the Best office recliner as the best option. This large sitting area is a sound financial decision for those who want to play games for hours on end. 

And it’s important to note that these features, all of which aim to provide convenience, don’t impose additional charges on consumers.

This furmax ergonomic racing chair has excellent aesthetics and is excellent for customers who want a trendy, comfortable sitting arrangement for their e-sport setup.

In reclining to 180-degree, a high-strength nylon base supports up to 300lbs.

In addition, the leather-covered fabric gives you superior resistance to abrasion, tearing, and scuffing. To better accommodate guys over 6.3 feet, this high-back chair has a 33-inch backrest.

Neck and lumbar support pillows are also in use. Firmness is achieved in the neck-supporting neck cushion.

Although the lumbar support is very large, it causes a lumbar bulge, which is undesirable. Better than using this lumbar support, We highly recommend using a little cushion placed between the lumbar support and your back.

The chair has a 5-star nylon aluminum base to support it, and it securely reclines to 180 degrees. Furthermore, a class 3 gas lift supports a 300-pound weight limit while also being ideal.

The hydraulic system offers more movement than its rivals. One can simply change the height from 16.5 inches to 22 inches. Other recliners of the same class give you a range of three to four inches of height adjustment, but this least expensive gaming chair has an adjustable range of five and a half inches.

The armrest is also in desperate need of an upgrade. In our case, the armrest would begin to wobble after three to four months of usage, and we had to retighten the screws to guarantee a tightness that didn’t lose its consistency. 

In the grand scheme of things, this is just a minor detail, but it was included here to maintain the validity of the furmax gaming chair review.

Is this worth your money?

For taller guys, the chair comes as a pleasant surprise, with good height adjustability and a high backrest. 

The 180-degree recline capability is another benefit to add to the list of must-have features to help you get this chair at a reasonable price.

The Bottom Line – Hitting the Right Spot

The product options or diversity are limited in this lowest budget category. You don’t want to spend your money on a bad chair; therefore we’ve compiled a list of suggestions for the best gaming chair under $100.

As a result, Homall S-Racer is our obvious winner owing to the wide range of quality features it offers at such a cheap price. 

This chair makes the “Most Comfortable” gaming chair list because of its 160-degree recline capability and fully adjustable footrest right out of the box. 

The weight restriction is also appealing to larger men; nevertheless, the backseat height is relatively ordinary.

You may use the Best office Ergonomic chair for that, which is comparable to the Homall S-racer and also has an electric vibrator encased in the lumbar support. 

Taller men will like spending time on this seat, which has a 33-inch backrest height and 135-degree reclining.

However, reclining is limited to 135 degrees, and if you often convert your chair into a sleeping couch, Furmax is the best ergonomic chair under $100. 

This recliner also has a large range of height adjustment (5.5 inches) and a 180-degree recline that will undoubtedly amaze you.

A Quick Tip Before You Fall for a Best Gaming Chair Under $100: 

The good thing about selecting the best PC gaming chair under 100 bucks is you have to have a limited features list.

However, there are still several great choices with a lot of features available. As you are in the low-budget category, our advice is to keep your expectations subtle.

In our previous article on Best Gaming Chairs 2021, We wrote a short purchasing advice; we specifically noting which feature in this budget may be a hit or miss: 


The primary component of an ergonomics chair that offers wrist and arm support. The fixed or flip-up armrest is the industry standard in this category. If you can locate height-adjustable 2D armrests, it would be a fantastic bonus.

Reclining Position:

Most recliners provide you two or three reclining settings with a 90-130 degree rearward tilt. Reclining positions over these angling and locking limits, on the other hand, will be a welcome addition to your cart. Furthermore, don’t expect to be able to rock here.

Height Adjustment:

Classes provide assistance for the gas lift mechanism. You may anticipate class3 gas lift to be a useful addition to the specification list since class4 gas lift is the most durable and popular in the market for a budget to high-end racing chairs.

Weight limit:

For huge men, weight restriction is always a major issue. While most mid-range recliners weigh between 250 and 375 pounds, the ideal thing to look for here is between 250 and 300 pounds. 

Above this point, a package would be considered “absolutely ready to travel.” Nevertheless, anything below the aforementioned level will always irritate your mental well-being.

Apart from these features, you may look for fabric or leather materials, as well as the backrest height and mobility of the chair.


What is the price of a gaming chair?

The gaming chair is the most luxurious furniture setup e-sport fans desire, ranging from the cheapest around 80 dollars to the most expensive around 1000 dollars recliners.

Can racing chairs be used as gaming chairs?

Racing chairs are without a doubt the most fashionable ergonomic furniture arrangement. Gaming fans select a gaming chair to give their gaming setup a more athletic feel.

Is there a difference between a gaming chair and an office chair?

There isn’t much of a difference between these two ergonomics configurations in terms of performance and comfort. If you want superior ergonomics and a sportier appearance, Gaming chairs are the best option.

Is it true that gaming chairs help you play better?

The answer is a little of both Yes and No. The gaming chair, in our view, indirectly aids you in improving your gaming performance. 

You seem to be more fitted into your chair with improved ergonomics, such as 4D adjustable armrests and flexible cushion support. As a result, you have a better chance of improving your gaming performance.

Is it worth it to invest in gaming chairs?

If you want to improve your back pain and posture, a gaming chair isn’t going to help. Regardless, the best gaming chair is well worth the money if you want to sit for extended periods without being bothered or annoyed.

Final words:

That was all there was to it!

We hope you enjoyed this and learned a thing or two about gaming chairs. All the chairs mentioned above are excellent. {and we aren’t the only ones who feel so; these reviews are backed up by thousands of customer opinions}

On that note, let’s end this article here!

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