Every gaming rat out there loves the BAM, BAM, BAM sound in their favorite shooting games, it’s almost addictive. We are sure you are one of those gamers and what is better than a cool gaming headset that has the best audio output?

Well enough about gaming, how about a professional who needs to reach out and communicate with people, the normal inefficient headphones that you bought 2 years ago aren’t going to make a cut.

You would need to get a headset that has been carefully developed with superior acoustic performance so that you can communicate and attend calls hands-free.

You must have a high-quality headset if you are a gamer, a professional, or just some audiophile.

In this article, we bring to you the finest best PC headsets under $100 to help you make the best decision possible without wasting time and effort.

All the headsets mentioned below are adored by their users and you’ll love every single one of them.

Coming in at number one and the most cherished headset is the Avantree Bluetooth Headset. You should choose the finest headset if you want high-quality sound with excellent speech clarity and great music. This product is the perfect choice for you since it provides the best audio experience while maintaining a very light and comfy body for a personalized fitting. When utilizing it for your needs, the readily adjustable headbands and very soft ear cushions provide you with luxury.

If you need a headset for a lengthy amount of time, this is the option to go with. It comes with readily adjustable headbands to provide you with total comfort that can be tailored to your specific demands.

This headset is far lighter than conventional over-the-ear designs, allowing you to wear it for longer periods without discomfort. Even if you use this headset all day for traveling or making phone conversations, you will not feel weighed down. It has exceptionally soft ear cushions to create a secure contact with no discomforts or problems.

This headset’s enhanced sound quality provides distinct treble, bass, and mid-tones in a wireless set for an incredible audio experience. As a music fan, you’ll appreciate the high-quality sound that comes with a lengthy battery capacity.

Overview: If you want a tailored and comfortable fit, this fantastic headset with improved battery life is the way to go. Furthermore, the ultra-lightweight design allows you to utilize it all day long, whether you’re traveling or making phone calls.

Next up is the well-known Sennheiser RS120 Headphones. This is made for anyone who enjoys high-quality music on the go. This lightweight headset offers a comfortable fit. The lightweight design of these headphones allows you to carry them easily wherever you go. The Sennheiser RS120 Headphone is specially designed for offering a sound that can travel 300 meters without any interruptions.

With this headset, you can enjoy a warm and detailed sound presentation that is suitable for all types of music these days as well as TV sound. Stereo sound is available with reception up to 328 feet through the ceilings and walls, ensuring that you have an excellent music experience. It gives you the flexibility to listen to music wirelessly while also providing handy settings for simple and accessible use.

This incredible headset comes with two rechargeable batteries that operate in tandem to provide you with uninterrupted music for an extended amount of time. You also receive a charging dock, which allows you to charge the headset whenever you want.

Your hunt for incredibly clear sound has come to an end, as this headset generates excellent quality sound even at low volumes, resulting in incredible sound and music. Additionally, you may tune into the various stations to listen to the music of your choosing.


Comfortable and lightweight design for all-day use

Interference-free reception allows you to hear sound up to 300 feet

Rechargeable batteries and charging dock offers interrupted sound

Stereo sound with great bass quality for high-quality music

Wireless and lightweight radiofrequency for enhanced hearing capability


Phones get heavy with additional charger connection

Occasional audio glitches prevent seamless music

Difficulty in tuning channels to the desired frequency

Overview: If you prefer excellent quality sound and bass responsiveness in your music, don’t miss out on the chance. You’ll have the greatest headset for listening to music with longer battery life and easy maintenance that’s perfect for all-day use.

We have the Razer Kraken PC Headset in third place on our list.

If you enjoy gaming, you should consider this headset; it provides clean and strong sound for an immersive gaming experience. The noise-canceling microphone is detachable and helps to reduce ambient and surrounding disturbances for optimal hearing. When you use the headset for an extended amount of time without experiencing any problems, you will appreciate its stunning clarity.

This fantastic benefit is due to the 50 mm headset, which allows you to experience crystal-clear sound when playing video games. With a high-quality headset and a noise-canceling microphone, you may experience better sound clarity and reduced ambient noise.

The chilling gel cushions in the headsets are crucial in providing you with total comfort, even if you use them for an extended amount of time. It also aids in the reduction of heat build-ups, allowing for crisper and more powerful sound delivery. You will be able to play for long periods without experiencing an ear infection or any other inconvenience.

This headset is constructed with a thin, oval-shaped metal frame that provides comfort by eliminating the need for heavier choices. Because it is meant to survive for a long time, the bauxite aluminum frame is flexible and of great quality. The ear cushions provide sound isolation, and the headband is less stiff since it can be modified to your preferences.


A retractable noise-canceling microphone helps in reducing ambient and background noise

Cooling gel cushions offer long-lasting comfort for a long gaming period

Pressures build up and overheating can be avoided with uniquely designed headsets

The durable and lightweight material offers complete comfort while wearing

In-line audio controls feature a mic mute switch and analog volume control wheel


Maximum volume is not too high for gaming

It is not recommended for multi-player games

Mic tends to pick up background noise quickly

Overview: When you have the greatest headset, there is no need to search for another because it provides the sound, comfort, and affordability that you require. The qualities of this product make it stand out from the others in the industry.

Next up is the Jabra Evolve 20 UC Stereo Headset. This wired headset is excellent for a variety of applications, whether you’re searching for a headset to listen to music or for your professional demands. It comes with a convenient control unit that allows you to customize it to your specific needs. It is simple to set up in any gadget because it has plug-and-play capabilities that provide ease and convenience

This headset is great for professional obligations that can be simply linked, and you can enjoy the high-quality sound for an incredible experience. This headset makes calling easier since it reduces ambient sound between those calls. The control device makes it simple to change the volume, answer/end, and mute calls.

This is a certified headset that works with all significant modern voice call services to provide you with the finest quality music. It is compatible with both PC and MAC, giving users entertainment that will meet their demands and expectations. The USB wireless connection may also be used to link the headset to your laptop or desktop computer.

When utilizing this headset for professional purposes, you won’t have to worry about ambient noise because it will be effectively avoided. You can also use it to play games without having to worry about any noise because it is noise-free. This also assists you in obtaining a crisper sound with superb clarity for crucial applications.


Passive noise cancellation allows more sound clarity without disturbances

Easy call management with many features of a unit

Install it easily and start enjoying superior quality sound and music

This world-class set is perfect for music and voice calls

Specially designed ear cushions offer comfort while in use


Headbands become loose after use for a few months

Not compatible with MAC and distance distorts the sound

Active noise canceling does not block louder background sound

Overview: Don’t disregard your professional obligations; instead, get a headset that will help you succeed in your job by allowing you to get the most from this gear. The simple call management, passive voice cancellation, and compatibility feature all work together to make this a remarkable headset.

Last but certainly not least is the HyperX Cloud Core PC Headset by Kingston. Players have the opportunity to use this headset, which was created specifically for providing the greatest quality sounds while gaming. You won’t be uncomfortable wearing this headset for lengthy periods. Because it is compatible with most devices, you may use this sturdy and adaptable headset with anything.

This headset is comprised of a sturdy aluminum frame that can withstand wear and tear for an extended amount of time. The memory foam earpads, as well as the very soft and cushioned leatherette, provide a lovely time while wearing the headphone.

The headband and ear cushions are coated with high-quality leatherette to provide total comfort when playing games with the headphones. It has a unique design and a removable microphone, allowing you to tailor it to your demands. An ear-pleasing output with increased bass reproduction and clean sound will be yours to appreciate.

The immersive in-game audio allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gaming session for hours on end without experiencing any issues. It’s HiFi capable, which means it can produce high-resolution music with crystal clear highs, lows, and mid-tones. It is rightfully referred to as the ideal gaming headset at an affordable price.


Get enhanced comfort with a super-soft padded headband and ear pads

Compatible with most of the popular devices for gaming

HI-FI capable headsets come with detachable microphones for different uses

Superior audio performance for an enhanced gaming experience

Enjoy crystal clear highs, lows, and mid-tones according to your tastes


Needs adjustments for use in some devices

Tends to attract background noises

Doesn’t have mute options which can be annoying

Overview: If you are a gamer who prefers an uninterrupted gaming experience, you should consider purchasing this headset, which does an excellent job. You may adjust the settings to meet your own needs when using these headphones to enjoy a match.

This was all about the reviews; now let’s see how to find you the perfect headset through a short buying guide.

What should I look for when buying a headset for a PC?

Microphone – When utilizing a headset to make and answer calls, it is one of the most significant aspects of communication. You should seek a microphone that has noise-canceling technology so that ambient noises do not interfere with your conversation or gaming.

Lightweight – Because a big headset serves no use, a gaming headset should be lightweight so that you may bring it with you wherever you go. You should seek a gadget with greater mobility and functionality so that you may utilize it for a variety of applications.

Comfort – Feeling comfortable while using these headsets is quite vital since they should be built of robust and lightweight materials so that you wouldn’t have to endure their burden. The material of the headband and ear cushions is essential in providing you with the level of comfort you want from your headphone.


We are sure that by now you know everything about headsets and what to look for while buying them. Premium quality PC headsets will provide a plethora of advantages, but only if you make the appropriate product selection based on your likes and interests. Always choose a headset that will allow you to enjoy your gaming sessions with your friends and family. It should also offer all of the perks that you want in a headset, and at a reasonable price.