Even after mega gaming fests, professional equipment, and all kinds of advertisements, people still don’t see gaming as an actual profession. It’s always treated as a side hobby. Yet, as we often say, online gaming is more than a pastime; it is a cult and a community. Gaming nerds are unconcerned whether they have to spend a little fortune to build the best setup among their peers.

Gaming nerds are unconcerned whether they have to spend a little fortune to build the best setup among their peers. They like showing off their gaming setups, therefore it’s only natural that they would purchase a $100+ gaming mouse for an average gaming system that costs between $800 and $2000.

This article is all about gaming mice; we’ve collected reviews and a buyer’s guide for the best gaming mouse or mice. If your gaming mouse isn’t functioning correctly, you may use our website to do a clicks speed test. The CPS test is designed to measure mouse speed and accuracy in a fraction of a second.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core was followed by the Proteus Spectrum, but because this is the basic version that introduced the community to an all-purpose and highly configurable gaming mouse, We chose it for this article.

Surface Tuning Calibration — This mouse contains an optical sensor, which We will explain in-depth in the comprehensive tutorial, and is superior to the laser sensor. The best part about this sensor is that it can be adjusted to fit any surface and provide the best results.

11 Programmable Buttons – The customizability of this gaming mouse is unrivaled. All 11 buttons may be assigned responsibilities, and the 32-bit ARM processor remembers them all.

200 to 12000 DPI — Known as “on-the-fly” DPI management, the default settings allow you to adjust the DPI anywhere between 200 and 12000 so you can get the most out of this mouse. Five options span a wide range of sensitivity to real estate in dots per inch.

Weight and Balance Adjustment – They’ve changed how you feel about your gaming mouse. You can adjust the weight and balance of this mouse in the same way that you can adjust the weight and balance of a real instrument. To get the weight and balance you want, move one or all of the 3.6g weights around.

Dual-mode mode Hyper-Fast Scroll Wheel — There are two things you should know about this mouse’s scroll wheel. First and foremost, it is intended for hyper-fast scrolling and provides precise and accurate clicking, which is essential in multiplayer games; second, it also serves as a center click button. You can even change what occurs when you click it rather than scrolling through it.

Conclusion – Aside from the claw grip problem, the only significant disadvantage is that button placement may not be optimal for various hand sizes. Aside from that, this is a great gaming mouse for clicking games that pays attention to the finer points. Take, for example, the weight and balance calibration.

Corsair, We think, is still under-appreciated for the kind of computer equipment (not only mouse) it produces. If the term RGB appears in the name of virtually every other mouse, it simply indicates that you can alter the color of the LED on your mouse between Red, Green, and Blue.

Optical Sensor with 12000 DPI — Like the Logitech G502, this one features an optical sensor. An optical sensor is preferred over a laser sensor for greater control on a variety of surfaces. This one can also print at a maximum resolution of 12000 DPI.

Aluminum of Aircraft-Grade — This mouse is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The mouse is not only extremely robust and durable, but it also has an optimum weight distribution thanks to this substance. When it comes to a gaming mouse, weight and balance are crucial.

Surface Calibration Tuning — Advanced surface calibration tuning is also available with this mouse. This mouse is suitable for any plain surface thanks to its pixel-perfect calibration and adjustment.

Optimized Button for Customizing DPI — When a game requires you to raise or reduce the mouse speed, the sniper button on the side may be used to optimize the DPI right away. While the maximum DPI is 12,000, you may select a speed according to the game’s demands.

The iCUE Effect — The way you can customize the mouse is a very smart feature that sets this Corsair mouse apart from the others on the list. You’re aware that each video game is unique, and you’ll want to utilize your mouse uniquely for each one. You can store your preferences for each game, configure the mouse for double macros, and apply a variety of additional custom settings thanks to the iCUE technology.

8 Programmable Buttons – An average number of buttons (including the mouse) that you may customize for your gaming requirements is eight. Some mice are obsessed with customization and have 12 or more buttons, but for a man with average button customizing requirements, 8 is ideal.

 conclusion – As you can see, this is such a fantastic gaming mouse for Fortnite that the only flaws consumers or reviews have found are the mouse’s longevity problems after a few years and the tiny RGB area. This is a brilliant device, as shown by the amount of customization available with this mouse.

What if you don’t care about mouse customization, programmability, or other similar features, but you do need a mouse with the highest DPI possible? What if the multiplayer mode in your FPS (First Person Shooting) game requires you to be lightning-fast with your movements? then we’d recommend the Razer DeathAdder, which is our best DPI mouse.

16,000 DPI Optical Sensor — In case you were wondering, the highest amount of DPI this mouse can cover is 16,000. The DPI provided by the best DPI gaming mouse is much less than 16,000. (12,000). You also have an optical sensor on top of this DPI real estate.

RGB Chroma Customizable – How crazy can your mouse’s RGB profile get? How many colors can you have – and how far can you customize? These are crucial inquiries. On top of preset settings, this mouse offers 16.8 million color possibilities — enough to say at this point.

Durable Mechanical Switches — This mouse isn’t a piece of extraterrestrial hi-tech from the year 3019, and it isn’t even wireless, but the mechanical switches outlast any other option. The switches on this one, for example, can withstand 50 million clicks and come with a two-year guarantee.

Rubberized Scroll Wheel — Because the scroll wheel is rubberized, users not only have a better grip, but rubber also feels more friendly than plastic or metal. Sweaty or greasy fingers won’t stick to the wheel’s tactile bumps. This means you’ll never lose control of your game when it comes to scrolling.

7 Customization Buttons – This mouse has 7 programmable buttons. With this many buttons, it approaches the Mamba Elite, which has nine programmable buttons. While not as advanced as a gaming mouse such as the Corsair Gaming Scimitar, the 7 buttons offer plenty of options for customizing your gaming experience.

Powered by Razer Synapse- synapse is a term used to describe the connection between two neurons. Gaming mice are no longer the same as they were a few years ago; they now include high-tech connectivity, maximum optimization, and insane control. Synapse is a hardware setup utility from Razer that allows you to completely sync your mouse with your hardware.

conclusion – The main issue, in our opinion, is that while scrolling, you may inadvertently hit the DPI adjustment keys, which are located just below the scroll wheel. Aside from that, this is a fantastic mouse at a reasonable price. It offers unrivaled DPI and maximal RGB customization.

Do you have a soft spot for wireless gaming mice? Do you prefer a mouse that allows you to quickly switch between wireless and wired functionality? The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a wireless gaming mouse that may easily be converted to a wired mouse.

This is not your typical AA or AAA battery mouse. It has ultra-fast wired or wireless functionality. This one features a wired or wifi connection that is very fast. To use any of these modes, just attach or detach the USB cable.

30 Hours of Battery Life – The greatest part about this gaming mouse is that it charges quickly, taking just 2+ hours to reach its full charging capacity. Unplug it for 24 to 32 hours of wireless functioning.

Range of 200 to 12000 DPI – You may select from 5 distinct settings in addition to a WIDE range of DPI between 200 and 12000 DPI. This mouse has an optical sensor; although laser sensors often offer higher DPI/performance, optical sensors perform better in DPI games.

Ambidextrous Design – You can use this mouse whether you’re a lefty or a righty. If We hadn’t classified it as the best wireless mouse, this might have been our best ambidextrous mouse.

Customizable RGB with 8 Million Colors – Do you wish to play with RGB colors but your gaming setup is illuminated with vivid LED colors? If that’s the case, you’ll like the 16.8 million RGB variants and living light patterns available.

Mechanical Pivot Button Design – What does this word mean? Let’s keep things simple. First and foremost, you should be aware that all of the buttons on this device are mechanical; be assured, you will hear that gratifying click sound that signals, “Work complete!” The pivot refers to the metal spring tensioning mechanism located underneath the left and right-click buttons. This technique ensures quick recovery after a click, as well as a quick transition from right/left click to the controls located directly behind the steering wheel.

11 Programmable Buttons – Speaking of buttons, there are 11 of them, which is crazy given the bestselling Razer mouse We tested before has only 7 programmable buttons and the next level (Mamba) has just 9. Every FPS and MMO gamer’s fantasy comes true with this mouse.

conclusion – The liftoff distance is when the optical sensor quits tracking if you don’t receive the second con. Because of its dubious bottom construction, this mouse requires more care than normal while playing. Aside from this small flaw, the number of customizable buttons, ambidextrous design, and wireless connection make it an excellent mouse.

Here’s a fun statistic about computer mice: 90% of them are designed for right-handed individuals since, let’s face it, left-handed persons make up just 10% of the world’s population.

This is why there are no left-handed mice; instead, we create ambidextrous mice that can be utilized by both right- and left-handed people. On this list, the G300s is the greatest ambidextrous mouse.

Optical Sensor – 250 – 2500 DPI As a result, in terms of DPIs, this gaming mouse falls short of several others on our list. It has a maximum resolution of 2,500 DPI. However, We believe that DPIs is just one element among many that determine whether a mouse is excellent or poor. The high-resolution optical sensor compensates for the low DPIs. Switching between 250 and 2500 DPI is simple with on-the-fly DPI changing.

Symmetrical and Ambidextrous Design — This mouse is symmetrical, with an identical appearance on both sides. It was made symmetrical on both sides to give it an ambidextrous appearance and feel. This mouse is easy to use for both right-handers and left-handers.

Three Different Memory Profiles – This mouse has three memory profiles that you may store, which is a unique feature. Three distinct people, as well as three different games, may have their onboard memory profiles optimized. The G Hub allows you to store your preferences so that you may connect your mouse to any machine, play any game, and your mouse will continue to utilize the same settings as before.

9 Programmable Buttons — Our mouse has 9 programmable buttons, making it as programmable as any other on this list. You may use the default settings or customize any of the nine buttons to perform the most essential tasks in each game. It’s completely configurable, so you may assign a single command or a multi-command macro.

Matte Surface Wheel for Good Hold — The wheel doesn’t have any tactical bumps or other distinguishing features, but it does have a long-lasting matte finish that is resistant to oily/wet fingertips.

Slick Feet — The mouse’s feet or corners are composed of low-friction PTFE material. These soft, smooth, and quick feet ensure that your mouse performs flawlessly on any surface.

1 Millisecond Report Rate – A 1-millisecond report rate is desirable, depending on whether it is the company’s claim or if consumers are satisfied with it. The report rate is what keeps the mouse and the pointer on the screen in sync, which is why a pointer travels with the mouse.

Conclusion – There is just one flaw with this mouse that they should address in future versions: you can only select from three different lighting options. Aside from this one flaw, this is a fantastic mouse with incredible features including the option to store three memory settings.

Although an exceptional gaming mouse may cost more than $100, you’ll find several high-quality mice on our list for around $50. With a price tag of less than $30, this one, on the other hand, is the winner (at the time of writing this post). But don’t you believe they sacrificed quality to offer you such a low price?

Optical Sensor with 10,000 DPI — This mouse features a 10,000 DPI optical sensor. A better option is to use an optical sensor. If the default DPI settings aren’t to your liking, you may use Corsair’s calibration program, iCUE, to create a DPI sequence that is more in line with your gameplay.

Backlighting with 16.8 million RGB in four zones – So, what exactly is a four-zone color scheme? The iCUE program enables you to customize your mouse with a four-color design that is unique to you. You have complete control over the color cycling speed.

Optimum Calibration using iCUE Software – we’ve previously highlighted two features of the iCUE software; this program is responsible for all of your mouse customization and calibration. It’s used for macro programming and a variety of other tasks related to this mouse and other Corsair products that can be synchronized with it.

8 Programmable Buttons – There are a total of 8 programmable buttons, which is still more than the Razer DeathAdder 7. You may program them to do the most common activities in any video game or any game that you are particularly fond of.

20 Million Clicks on Omran Switches — The Omran switches on this mouse are good for at least 20 million clicks, so you’ll get a lot of usage out of it before the buttons start troubling you.

1,000 Hz USB Refresh Rate – A USB refresh rate of 1,000 Hz is far above normal for any mouse. This rate indicates how quickly the cursor is refreshed. This means you’ll have lag-free responsiveness, which is essential for multi-player games.

Conclusion – The last disadvantage is iCUE; a few customers have complained that iCUE failed to calibrate a few buttons. However, such errors are uncommon, and it seems to be the result of a few faulty pieces. The four-zone illumination was our favorite feature of this mouse.

Are MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games your thing? If you are, you must understand which mice are best for them. Yes, MMO gaming is time-consuming, and you’ll need a lot of options. To prevent losing the round, simply move your thumb away (think of PUBG). Let’s find out why this is the best MMO mouse on our list.

Since this is an MMO gaming mouse, it, like all of them, has a lot of buttons on the thumb area (extreme left) – these buttons are arranged in a circular pattern. You may customize them up for the 7 most important acts in your favorite game or across all games.

14 Buttons That Can Be Programmed – This mouse has 7 more buttons in addition to the 7-button thumb grid, for a total of 14 programmable mouse buttons. So far, We haven’t evaluated a mouse with this many configurable buttons in this guide.

Ergonomic Layout – When compared to other mice of its kind, this mouse has a more ergonomic layout. This mouse will suit most of the playstyles that experienced gamers are familiar with.

DPI Adjustable to 16,000 and Laser Sensor — As a result, the entire affair becomes more fascinating. Our mouse has a maximum DPI of 16,000, which is much higher than the majority of mice on this list or available on Amazon/everywhere. However, the sensor is a laser sensor, and although an optical sensor performs better than a laser sensor, the laser sensor has a greater DPI capacity than optical sensors when looking at the combination of DPI and sensor.

Razer Chroma lighting and 16.8 million color options — This mouse has Razer Chroma lighting and 16.8 million color settings to select from. If you’re unfamiliar with Razer Chroma, it’s a kind of RGB lighting that creates an immersive gaming experience. You may experience a variety of lighting effects depending on the gaming situation and the activities you perform.

Tilt Click Scroll Wheel – The tilt click scroll wheel is another competitive advantage that this mouse has over competitors. What is a tilt click scroll wheel, and how does it work? This kind of wheel scrolls not only vertically but also horizontally. This may be used to move in all four directions in an FPS game.

Razer Synapse Enabled – Razer Synapse is a piece of software that brings basic gaming mouse functionality into the cloud era. You can create unique gaming profiles with various settings for each game/system/person with this software, store those profiles and settings to the cloud, programmer macros, track heatmaps, and do a lot more wherever you take that mouse.

conclusion– So, the only major problem is that the scroll wheel’s clicking stops functioning correctly after a few months or years – however this is just an issue noted by a few users. Returning to the advantages, this is the best MMO mouse on the market, with one of the best lighting settings.

We already have a mouse for MMO gaming that We recently reviewed, but what if you’re hooked to multiple-player gaming and need more than 9 buttons just under your thumb? This is what this mouse is capable of.


12 Optimized Mechanical Buttons — Our mouse features the most programmable buttons of any mouse on this list, with 17. On the left side of the mouse, 12 mechanical buttons may be customized for any purpose.

On top of the 12 side buttons, there are 5 more buttons. Aside from the 12 buttons on the side, there are five more keys, including the scroll wheel, that may be customized for the activities you desire.

12,000 DPI with Optical Sensor — This is a typical mouse, with a DPI of 12,000 and an optical sensor. This high-performance 12,000 DPI optical sensor is ideal for the sort of pixel-perfect performance required in a high-intensity MMO game. Corsair’s iCUE software may be used to fine-tune it.

RGB Lighting in Four Zones – Corsair gaming mice include a four-zone RGB lighting system, which is a unique feature. You get dynamic multicolor lighting of your choosing – the program offers you almost limitless color options, and you may pick any four zones and customize each one to your liking.

1 millisecond reaction time – We can’t stress the significance of response rate enough — the response rate is the connection between a mouse and the cursor’s location. The cursor will move in 1ms of mouse movement if the reaction rate is 1ms.

Compatible with Corsair iCUE — Like all other Corsair mice, this mouse is completely compatible with the iCUE software. You may modify the settings, save items for use with the mouse on any other machine, and control lighting as well as macro programming using this software.

conclusion: If you’re wondering why iCUE is so messed up, it’s because a few customers aren’t happy with the newest edition. They claim that choosing the appropriate RGB lighting and doing other types of modifications is difficult. However, there are a lot of positive things to mention about this mouse, one of which is that it has the most customization buttons.

How about a Razer mouse with a tonne of customization buttons, an ambidextrous design, and lots of other cool features? A mouse with over 250 favorable ratings and the Amazon’s Choice label!

16,000 DPI Optical Sensor — This mouse features a 16,000 DPI optical sensor, which is above average. The laser sensors function better in combination, but the optical sensor outperforms the laser sensor in terms of total performance.

Ambidextrous Design – Our is yet another ambidextrous mouse on this list – you can use it flawlessly whether you are a right-hander or a left-hander.

9 Programmable Buttons – You may configure the 9 programmable buttons using Razer’s proprietary software for calibrations and modifications. On either side, there are two programmable buttons. The wheel itself may be used as a button, and there are two buttons immediately beneath it to change DPI settings.

16.8 Million Colors in Customizable Chroma RGB – You have a total of 16.8 million colors to select from when it comes to RGB colors. We’ve previously discussed Razer Chroma lighting, which uses RGB lights to create a highly synchronized gaming experience.

Rubberized Scroll Wheel with Tactile Bumps — This is something we usually don’t see in high-end Razer mice. It’s because of them that the scroll wheel on this mouse is rubberized and has tactile bumps. This implies you’ll have a 2x grip on greasy or damp fingertips.

Mechanical Switches with 50 Million Clicks – Durable Mechanical Switches The mechanical switches on this mouse aren’t going to give up on you after 50 million clicks, which is a lot for any gamer or PC user. To summarize, if you’re looking for a long-lasting mouse, this is the one to get.

conclusion- To summarise, the major downside of this mouse is that you have to install a large amount of software on your mouse. Aside from this flaw, this is an excellent ambidextrous mouse with a plethora of options.

Steel Series is a newcomer to the gaming mouse market, but the Rival 700 seems to be competitive with the best Razor, Logitech, and Corsair mice. It has a highly ergonomic design and all of the features that a professional gaming mouse should have.

16,000 CPI Optical Sensor – That’s right, not DPI, but CPI! So, what exactly is a CPI? CPI stands for counts per inch, and instead of dealing with “dots,” it determines how many steps a mouse takes per inch. It all comes down to how delicate or precise the movement is. These nerdy features don’t mean much in terms of the gaming experience.

Notifications on an OLED Screen — This is a first. On the left side of the mouse is a tiny OLED screen. You may view alerts about your game, as well as your modifications, on this OLED. On-the-fly CDI adjustments, in-game metrics, button mapping, and much more are all available.

Tactile Alerts for Critical Situations – Tactile alerts are located in the mouse’s center. You may choose the kind of in-game event that should trigger the notifications, such as a gunshot, a near-death scenario, or anything else. This draws you closer together via intense gaming.

TrueMove3 Optical Sensor — If you’ve had enough of CPI and DPI foolishness and these words no longer make sense to you, the TrueMove3 1 to 1 track is for you. This tracking moves the pointer on the screen in the same way as the mouse moves.

Modular Accessories — This mouse comes with several swappable modular parts/accessories that you may switch out at any moment. A sensor, cable, and cover are among the components.

Maximum Customization — The mouse’s customization is limitless. You may customize the OLED display, tactile alerts, buttons, profile settings, acceleration, and so on. and the list goes on and on.

conclusion – This is a pricey mouse, but given the incredible amount of customization and trackability it provides, We believe it is well worth it. The noisy scroll wheel issue worries us a bit, although it was raised by just a few buyers.

Gaming Mouse Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve gone through 10 of the best gaming mice, let’s suppose you want to take matters into your own hands and learn what to look for when purchasing the best of the best gaming mice.

Things To Consider Before You Buy Gaming Mouse

Sensor – Given that you’ve used a variety of gaming and computer mice, what type of sensor do you naturally gravitate toward? Is it a laser or optical sensor? DPI is very important when it comes to mouse-to-pointer movement sensitivity. A laser sensor has a higher DPI and increases the sensitivity of a mouse. When it comes to accuracy, though, an optical sensor outperforms a laser sensor.

DPI – It doesn’t matter if you use DPI or CPI. Both are controlled by the cursor’s movement on the screen. The connection is between the amount of real estate that a mouse must cover for the pointer to travel as much as it does. In terms of fat sensitivity, We preferred the Rival 700 over the other mice we’ve just examined. Why? Because it allows you to have a pointer movement proportional to the movement of your mouse.

Wired vs Wireless — This is a matter of personal preference, although wireless mice are preferred by those who wish to have a decent gaming experience from a greater than safe distance. These new gaming mice are more sophisticated, and they provide the same level of responsiveness as a wired mouse.

Left-Handed or Right-Handed — Let’s face it, there aren’t any left-handed gaming mice on the market, and if there are, they’re nowhere near as good as these well-known ones. You may buy a right-handed mouse or an ambidextrous mouse that works for both left and right-handed individuals. Before you purchase a mouse, double-check the specifications.

Claw or Palm — Some gamers like to use their gaming mouse with their claws, holding the mouse with their fingers and pressing buttons, etc. The body of such a mouse is long and curved. The perfect mouse for people who hold it in their hand and utilize the majority of their finger estate to click the buttons would be mainly flat. Before you purchase a mouse, make sure you know all there is to know about it.

Cost – It goes without saying that you will not be able to get the best gaming mouse in the world if it is out of your price range. However, this does not imply that you must spend your money on garbage. A low-profile brand can always provide a high-quality gaming mouse.

Customization – How many programmable buttons are there? How many are on the sidelines (for MMO)? How many RGB color options are available to you? Is there any program or tool that allows you to store your gaming profile and preferences so that you can use the same mouse and settings on a new computer?


Here’s a small table to put things in context before We offer our verdict: And, in our view, these are the three best gaming mice: Logitech G502 Proteus Core — a lot of customization buttons, a lot of colors, and a lot of DPI to experiment with. Corsair Gaming Scimitar- one of the best for MMO gaming, with the most customization buttons and a 4-zone color scheme. The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum- has a lot of customization buttons, an ambidextrous design, and a lot of color and DPI options.